Coachella Threatened to Move Because of Tax

by Sean Hackbarth

Art piece at Coachella

To hipster (and non-hipster) Leftists who think that raising taxes don’t matter much check out what happened in California with the Coachella music festival:

Next year’s Coachella could be the last in Indio, California, where the music and art festival has taken place since 1999. Indio’s Desert Sun reports the festival’s promoters are warning they will take the shows out of Indio if the city goes through with a proposed admissions tax.

The proposal would put a tax of 5 to 10 percent on admissions to entertainment events with more than 2,500 in attendance. Promotions company Goldenvoice, which runs Coachella and the country-oriented Stagecoach festival, says that’s a deal-breaker. “If the tax initiative of putting $4 million to $6 million onto Coachella gets on the ballot, we’re going to take off 2014,” Goldenvoice president Paul Tollett told the Desert Sun. “2015 we’ll be at a new facility outside of Indio.”

The Indio city council member pushing for the tax backed off when he realized the threat was real, jobs would be lost, and the city would suffer.

Think about this when blindly assuming nothing negative will happen if taxes on high-income earners are raised like President Obama and the Democrats propose.

Coachella Threatens to Skip 2014, Relocate Over Proposed Event Tax”

Photo via rieh.

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