Lazy Obama Campaign Rips Off Planned Parenthood

by Sean Hackbarth

There’s been chatter in the conservative blogosphere and on Twitter about an Obama campaign eCard from a fictional woman to her mom asking to borrow $18,000 for birth control:

Obama Campaign Birth Control eCard

$18,000 is a big number. Where did it come from? After a Google search I determined Planned Parenthood is the source. A Spring 2012 newsletter from the Nassau County (NY) Planned Parenthood office has an infographic explaining that the health care law could save women as much as $18,000 in birth control costs over their lifetime.

Compare that infographic to the one used by the Obama campaign. Do they look familiar? With only a few stylistic changes they’re exactly the same thing. Here’s a side-by-side (click on it to see a larger size):

Obama Campaign and Planned Parenthood Infographics

Two conclusions:

  • There’s a lazy graphics designer on Team Obama.
  • The campaign treats Planned Parenthood talking points as gospel.
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One Response to “Lazy Obama Campaign Rips Off Planned Parenthood”


An look at the sources PP cites for their $600 number(1), their $1800 number (2), and 50% of women struggling with birth control percentage(3)!!!!

1 Planned Parenthood, accessed 2/3/12
2 Planned Parenthood, accessed 2/3/12
3 Planned Parenthood, 10/12/10

They cite THEMSELVES with no specific report or link or ANYTHING!


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