Rush Makes It to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

by Sean Hackbarth

There is justice! After a long wait, Canada’s greatest rock band, Rush, will go into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In his typical deadpan, bassist Geddy Lee told Rolling Stone that it “made my mom very happy, so that’s worth it.” More importantly for Geddy was that Rush’s fans are thrilled:

But I appreciated how much it meant to our fan base. It really did mean a lot to them. It was kind of a cause they championed and I appreciated their feelings but beyond that, I really did not concern myself with it.

That’s one of the great things about this band. After watching the documentary Beyond the Lighted Stage, you see how grounded Geddy, Alex Lifeson, and Neal Peart are. They appreciate their fans. It has to be mindblowing to them to have thousands of people show up for shows all over the world and listen to them play for nearly three hours while simultaneously singing every line and playing air guitar and drums.

Years of fan frustration can now be turned into vindication. For a band with a passionate following among fans and fellow musicians, they rarely were appreciated by critics. It’s interesting that one music writer, J.D. Considine, who panned Signals in 1982 ended up voting for Rush this year:

What changed my mind? It’s not as if I’ve since seen the light and want to recant that old review (I don’t), or that allegiance to Rush was part of some agreement I signed upon moving to Canada.

Rather, it’s that Rush has gotten better over the years. Unlike most rockers, who peak in their first decade and spend the rest of their career either treading water or slowly sinking, Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart have continued to grow over the decades. They play better now than they did then, they take more chances musically, and they write more interesting material. Frankly, I can’t think of many other bands I could say that about.

To all of you who laughed at “The Trees,” Rush (the band) will be laughing all the way to Cleveland.

Go to Rush is a Band Blog for more coverage.

Heart, another deserving band will also be inducted. Unfortunately for some strange reason Deep Purple won’t. The ceremony is April 18, and I’m going to try to be there.

Now, enjoy some great Rush songs.

“Working Man”

“Roll the Bones”

“Time Stand Still”

“Nobody’s Hero”

“Headlong Flight”

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