No PR Blitz Can Fix Obamacare’s Problems

by Sean Hackbarth might be working better (key work is “might”).

However, as I point out at, it’s still pumping out bad enrollment data to insurance companies.

House Energy and Commerce Chairman, Fred Upton (R-MI) isn’t impressed:

Millions of Americans have had their existing plans cancelled, millions more are worried about their health care coverage and costs, and the exchanges are still not functioning properly or even fully built. The president’s plan? Another speech and another website. Words alone will not fix this. The law is still not ready for primetime and millions are being left in the lurch.

Gotta love the federal government’s “velocity and discipline of a high-performing private sector company.”

Unless the back-end of is fixed (let alone address the site’s security), no Presidential PR blitz will ease the frustration people will have when they try to use the health insurance they thought they successfully bought.

[H/t memeorandum]

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