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8:04 PM
Lee Bockhorn in The Weekly Standard's weekly e-mail:

Lott is scheduled to hold a press conference later this afternoon. It's still unclear what he's going to say, but let's hope, for the good of the Republican party and the conservative movement, that he has the good sense to step aside as Senate majority leader. There simply isn't a satisfying exculpatory explanation for Lott's remarks, and whatever one thinks of them, they were a spectacular confirmation of what many Beltway conservatives have long known about Lott--he doesn't have the prudence, judgment, or leadership skills necessary to lead effectively the Senate GOP.

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7:34 PM
Charging tolls to use Milwaukee's busiest highway is thinking outside of the box for a state always seems to find a tax to raise. Will it happen? No. People find the Illinois tollways to be obnoxious and won't want them here. Should they be here? Yes, because then funding for this highway reconstruction would come from those who use the road.

"Could Marquette Interchange Become Tollway?"

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6:49 PM
Quick! President Bush, start the bombing.

"Actor Sean Penn Visits Baghdad"

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12:17 AM
Trent's toast. Peggy Noonan eloquently (as always) wants him to go away.

"Counsel for Trent" [via Drudge]

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11:24 PM
Michelle Malkin makes some brilliant points on Trent Lott's foot-in-mouth disease. First, is her very funny label of Lott as "the Republican Party's eternal Maalox moment." Excuse me a moment while I roll on the floor laughing...

Ok, I'm better now. No, wait...

Alright, now I'm sure I'm better know. Anyway, Malkin makes the point I've been trying to make about Lott and racism. I don't believe he's a racist; he's just a good old Southern boy constantly trying to say the right thing in front of the right group. Here's how Malkin puts it:

Both liberals and conservatives who are lambasting the vacant Lott as an unrepentant bigot give him too much credit, methinks. The former college cheerleader did at Thurmond's birthday party what he has done all of his life: He mouthed the words he thought his audience at the moment wanted to hear. Lott never actively donned a white sheet, like his Senate colleague and ex-Klansman Robert Byrd, D-West Va. Instead, Lott is, and always has been, on the sidelines of America's race debate.

When James Meredith weathered violent riots in his brave quest to integrate the University of Mississippi in the fall of 1962, Lott was neither standing next to him nor standing with the segregationist mob. The Ole Miss alum was holed up inside his frat house, preserving his and his brothers' political viability.

There is only one cause, one animating spirit that Trent Lott is committed to: not the South, not the segregationist past, but himself and his future in high office. And now, to save his hide, Lott will shake his pompoms and turn somersaults to please whomever (Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., the Rev. Al Sharpton) can help him stay in power.

Lott's quivering and legislative handouts prove he's a weak leader. His Thurmond comments didn't do me in, it's his lousy ability to stand up to the opposition. He failed miserably while confronting Clinton at his weakest (during impeachment), and he's not doing very well confronting race-baiting, hypocritical Democrats.

"Vacant Lott"

Sean Hackbarth |

10:27 PM
More good work from the Institute for Justice.

Washington, D.C.-New Jersey?s method of financing police and prosecutors through civil forfeiture is unconstitutional, Superior Court Judge G. Thomas Bowen of Salem County ruled in a December 11 opinion.

Under New Jersey?s civil forfeiture law (N.J.S.A 2C:64-6a) prosecutors and police had been entitled to keep the money and property confiscated from individuals through the state?s civil forfeiture law, thus giving them a direct financial stake in the outcome of forfeiture efforts. The court ruled that this provision violates the Due Process clauses of the U.S. and New Jersey constitutions.

"New Jersey Court Declares State?s Civil Forfeiture Funding Scheme Unconstitutional" [via Hit & Run]

Sean Hackbarth |

10:15 PM
Ron Bailey on Michael Crichton's Prey:

Crichton's new novel further solidifies his position as our generation's bush-league Mary Shelley, constantly hectoring readers about the dangers of humanity's technological hubris. By all means enjoy the book and the movie. But please keep in mind that the beasties in Prey are more Stephen King horror than Jules Verne prediction.

"Be Afraid"

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9:55 PM
Let Remedy know that she's a little loony for sitting up in a tree for months just to stop loggers from cutting it down.

Treesit Blog

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9:51 PM
U.S. intelligence suspects terrorists have taken a chemical weapon--possibly VX--out of Iraq. If true, this is evidence of the real threat Iraq is to the U.S. First, it's a chemical weapon, but you can be sure that a biological or nuclear weapon would be next.

"Report: Al Qaeda Deal for Nerve Gas"

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1:03 AM
In a victory for economic liberty, the Institute for Justice won a case that lets New York residents buy wine from out-of-state sources via the Internet or mail order.

"Courts Spurn State Laws on Caskets, Wine"

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2:06 PM
The Sen. Lott gaffe still hasn't died. Ralph Luker is calling him a "segregationist of the heart." What does that mean? Does Luker have some super power where he can peer into the hearts and minds of others and detect anti-social feelings? He provides no evidence that Lott has ever voted for a bill that would segregate the races. He hasn't shown that Lott wants to go back to the days of separate but equal. All he offers is the infamous Thurmond quote and some nice words to a meeting of a far-right organization. That's no reason for Lott to resign as Majority Leader. There is a simpler reason he shouldn't be leader: he isn't very good at it.

The blogosphere hasn't let up on Lott either. Josh Chafetz is calling him a racist; Glenn Reynolds won't quit with the links; and Andrew Sullivan wants Lott to go so the GOP has credibility on race issues.

Lott had a chance to repudiate his words and he chose to side-step the issue. He's flirted with racists before. He's said the same things before. It seems to me that president Bush now has his Sister Souljah opportunity. Just as Clinton secured centrist backing when he repudiated the anti-white racism of Sister Souljah, so Bush needs to repudiate the anti-black racism of Lott publicly, clearly and irrevocably. If he doesn't, then I'm afraid he will lose any black support indefinitely and the respect of many decent voters who aren't black as well. Lott's remarks are, in fact, a direct insult to black members of the administration and the Republican Party. Mr. President, we're waiting for you to say something.

Sullivan thinks that blacks don't have the sense to look beyond one political leader when elections come around. This makes to sense based on reality. Despite the Democrats having a former member of the Ku Klux Klan in the Senate, and letting President Bill Clinton give an award to segregationist Senator William Fulbright (his mentor) 90% of blacks vote for Democrats. Does Sullivan think blacks are too stupid to see this? I think this shows that there's more to the Democrats' dominance of the black vote than race issues.

"Lott the Segregationist Wears out Welcome" [via InstaPundit]

Sean Hackbarth |

1:45 PM
Global warming might be causing malaria outbreaks? How about the abandonment of the use of DDT to kill the mosquitoes that carry the disease?

"Scientists Question Climate Change, Malaria Link"

"Without DDT, Malaria Bites Back"

Sean Hackbarth |

1:40 PM
Why should I care that a bunch of Hollywood Lefties oppose war with Iraq? Most of the time these types are ill-informed, knee-jerk liberals. Today is no different. Martin Sheen thinks President Bush wants war to placate his father.

I think he'd like to hand his father Saddam Hussein's head and win his approval for what happened after the Gulf War. That's my own personal opinion ? I don't know if that's true. I hope it's not, but I suspect it is.

Sheen has no evidence that Bush wants family revenge, or that the administration filled with people like Condi Rice, Colin Powell, Dick Cheney, or Donald Rumsfeld would just lie down and let Bush have his way.

"Celebrities Ask Bush to Stop War Rhetoric"

Sean Hackbarth |


12:15 AM
Since Sen. Lott isn't the smartest guy the GOP has in the Senate, why do they always elect him as their leader? Does he just have really good people skills? Or does he shake pixie dust on the other Senators prior to caucusing?

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11:28 PM
Here's probably my only comment on Sen. Trent Lott's comments: He was trying to say something nice at Sen. Strom Thurmond's birthday party and failed miserably. What a surprise, he said something stupid. He's apologized, and everyone needs to move on. It is hilarious watching Democrats like AlGore and Jesse Jackson claim as much media time as possible over this while ignoring their ex-Klansman Senator from West Virginia, Robert Byrd.

Andrew Sullivan asks, "Why are the Republican commentators so silent about this?" As a conservative commentator who can't remember the last time he voted for a Democrat, I'll answer. Trent Lott says dumb things a lot. After he said it, there would be a lot of hoopla, but eventually he would apologize. It will be forgotten in a few months, or at least until Lott says another dumb thing.

Do I care if Lott is the Republican Senate leader? No, because Bush is in the White House and he's THE leader of the party. Lott's job is to get the President's bills passed and keep his GOP colleagues in line.

"Lott Apologizes for Remark on Thurmond"

Sean Hackbarth |

10:44 PM
Victims of the Racine rave bust are having their day in court. About 100 people had their initial hearing today. 450 were arrested for attending a rave where police were tipped off about drug activity and arrested three on drug charges. About 200 will fight the fines--initially $968, then reduced to $100--so many that Racine may have to hire a special prosecutor.

"Racine Rave-Goers Appear In Court"

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