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1:17 AM
Who's side is Hans Blix on? While sounding objective and reasonable in his report to the Security Council, he failed to mention that Iraq has a drone that could be capable of delivering chemical or biological weapons. The easy answer is that Blix is loyal to the U.N. He works for the U.N. and wants to keep that body involved with this issue. If President Bush were to go to war without U.N. approval, its influence would be extinguished. Blix declaring on worldwide television that Saddam has the capability to use bio/chem weapons would only give Bush more reason to defy the Security Council should France or Russia use their veto. So, Blix "forgets" to mention the drone.

The same people who were crying, "dirty tricks" about the U.S. spying on Security Council members should hold Blix's feet to the fire. This was a dirty trick in plain sight.

"Iraqi Drone 'Could Drop Chemicals on Troops'" [via Blaster's Blog]

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11:26 PM
In one of those weird coincidences the anniversaries of the deaths of Josef Stalin and Ayn Rand [via Fredrik Norman] fall within a day of each other. Stalin was a brutal dictator who saw people as mere cogs in his quest for power, while Rand was a radical defender of Man's independence and freedom. Even more interesting is Rand fled the same Russia Stalin ended up ruling.

"Russia Marks Stalin's Death Anniversary"

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11:08 PM
There are a few pro-troop/pro-war rallies [also see here] in the SE Wisconsin area tomorrow. I won't be at any so I would love some reports. Just send me an e-mail about what happened. If you have a weblog where you posted your coverage, send me a link. Heck, I'll probably add you to my blogroll. I have few WI webloggers on there.

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2:12 AM
This picture shows what Greenpeace really wants when it opposes the war with Iraq. Along with the sign reading, "No War" is a sign in smaller letters asking, "When will the U.S. disarm?" Greenpeace wants an emaciated U.S. A U.S. not able to extend its power in defense of its interests and its security. To Greenpeace the biggest threat to world peace isn't Saddam with ABC weapons. It isn't North Korea who seems to have a death wish with the U.S. And it isn't al-Qaeda. The biggest threat is the United States. More precisely, a President Bush-led United States. There wouldn't be half the public outcry if Bill Clinton wanted to go to war.

Greenpeace obviously ignores 20th Century history where the U.S. aided in the defense of the West from totalitarianism and did more to promote human rights--both political and economic--than any other nation on earth. Ironically, without American power Greenpeace might not be around today to protest against it.

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2:05 PM
Home Depot wants to open a store in West Bend, WI, just a few minutes from my place. Whenever something big is planned there are opponents. Cesar Suarez, executive vice president of the local chamber of commerce thinks Home Depot would bring too much competition. "I think it's more of a cannibalizing effort between Menards and Home Depot. We know there is retail warfare going on between Menards and Home Depot," he told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. As an officer for the chamber of commerce he I would think Mr. Suarez's job would be to promote commerce, not fight it. Home Depot will challenge Menards, Wal-Mart, and other places that sell tools and home building supplies on price and service. The words "retail warfare" put a smile on my face. That means robust competition is happening. Consumers will be better off. Instead of promoting commerce, Suarez is lining himself with the natives against the orange invader.

"Home Depot Plan Raises Concern in West Bend"

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2:51 AM
We're going to get pink bills. I know it, I know it, I know it!

But seriously, how about a $20 coin? It would be really tough to conterfeit that, and the casinos would love it.

"The (New) Color of Money"

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2:07 AM
Congratulations to all the recipients of the National Humanities Medal. Special congratulations go to Brian Lamb for making C-SPAN a window into Washington and to Thomas Sowell for his breadth and depth of scholarship. [via Power Line]

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1:48 AM
Larry Elder points out the hypocracy of the anti-warriors. They cry out and even strip to show their dismay at impending war, yet when President Clinton launched attacks against Serbia in 1999, there were few protests. Actor Mike Farrell even supported Clinton. This goes to show that the opposition isn't so much anti-war as anti-Bush.

"Where Were Bush's Critics During Kosovo?"

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1:25 AM
Our soldiers will need tunes while spreading truth, justice, and American liberty across Iraq. For that, there's TROOPtrax. Michelle of A Small Victory is collecting donations to go for used CDs for the troops. No Barbra Streisand, I hope.

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12:22 AM
The most important invention of the second half of the 20th Century is undoubtably the microchip. What area of life hasn't the microchip and its offspring, the computer, not deeply affected? Having people from around the world reading my words just wouldn't be possible without the microchip. In a few weeks, the U.S. may shock the world by how it uses its microchip-powered smart weapons to liberate Iraq. Charles Rousseaux reviews Microchip and has much praise to give the book and the thing itself:

It's astonishing that individuals could have created such marvels out of the sand beneath their feet. Yet, thanks to personal ingenuity and a free market that allowed them to thrive, neither the wonders nor the revenue from microchips show any sign of tapering off. Indeed, the future of microchips seems as full of promise as the society which allowed them to be built in the first place. Mr. Zygmont's history of microchips is well worth the read, if for no other reason then to remind us of the bullish culture still boiling beneath the stock market bubbles.

"Tech Bubble That Didn't Burst"

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10:48 PM
I'm declaring the heavyweight bout over. [Round 1, Round 2] The U.S. wins by TKO. France threw in the towel by declaring they won't use their security council veto.

Le Canard enchaine quoted President Jacques Chirac as telling a small private gathering on Feb. 26 that a veto would be pointless because it would not stop U.S. President George W. Bush (news - web sites) from launching military action.

"France is doing everything it can, but the problem is that it is impossible to stop Bush from pursuing his logic of war to the end," Chirac was quoted as saying by Le Canard, a satirical newspaper that is known to have well-informed sources.

Le Canard also quoted Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin as privately telling a group of conservative lawmakers on Feb. 25 that "using the right of veto would be shooting the Americans in the back."

Even though France has given in, Russia hasn't ruled out using its veto.

"Report: France Will Not Use Its Security Council Veto" [via PoliBlog]

"Russia Still Hedging on Iraq Veto"

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9:34 PM
This Sunday, there will be a pro-war rally near West Bend, WI. Here are the details from the Republican Party of Wisconsin:

WASHINGTON COUNTY -- Sunday, March 9

WHAT: Rally For America -- Support Our Troops

WHEN: Sunday March 9, 2003
2:00 Pm

WHERE: Washington County Fair Park Pavilion

Located on Pleasant Valley Road (Intersection of Hwy PV and P) just east off
USH 45 -- 2 miles south of West Bend -- 1 mile north of Hwy 60)

--Participation of Families of our Military

--Patriotic Songs

--Communication and Thank You notes to our Service Men and Women

--Free of Charge - Please bring flags, your families, and your pride in our
American Military

TAM would love to be there, but the big kahuna will be working

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7:38 PM
Gerald Posner is a former anti-war (Vietnam) protester who regrets his past. He now opposes this generation's war protesters:

The loose collaboration of leftists, anti-war activists, and anti-globalization proponents, must wake up. There are fundamentalists who would kill them without a second thought merely because they are Westerners. Appeasement gets you nowhere, as Europe learned from Hitler.

"Was I That Stupid?" [via David Frum]

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1:46 AM
Howard Owens thinks Bono isn't your typical knee-jerk, anti-Bush/anti-American/anti-war celebrity:

The anti-war left would dearly love to turn U2 leadsinger Bono into one of their own, but as I suggested jokingly in a previous post, Bono isn't about to have any of it. He has his issue and war with Iraq isn't going to distract him from his cause.

Bono also points out the anti-war movement's inconsistency:

While I am inspired to see people out on the streets to defend the potential loss of life in Iraq, two million Africans will die next year and the year after because they cannot get hold of medicine.

I want to know why there aren't a million people out on the streets for this other forgotten war.

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8:01 PM has slogan ideas for upcoming pro-war rallies. (One is planned for Milwaukee this Saturday.) You can also buy t-shirts and bumper stickers. I like the shirt wanting to give Communism another chance. is run by Kfir Alfia, the man who hooked up with San Fran anti-war/anti-American protesters last month. His efforts got him a mention on Rush Limbaugh, PowerLine, and TAM.

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1:40 AM
I've just begun my wine fascination and already I've abandoned the fine products of France. When a country wants to oppose, rather than support, protecting the values of Western Civilization, then it's going to get called on it. I'll be looking for fine Australian, Italian, Spanish, Bulgarian, and British wines in honor of those countries who support ending Saddam's reign of terror.

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1:12 AM
On a corner in Racine, WI pro- and anti-war demonstrators faced off.

"Groups of Demonstrators Try to Drive Points Home" [via Progressive Racine]

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12:31 AM
If The Sun's right, the French-U.S. heavyweight bout may not make it 12 rounds.

A crucial UN Security Council vote for war is now likely a week this Wednesday.

Allied commanders could order air strikes against the dictator hours later.

A top US intelligence source said last night: "The moment we know we have the nine votes needed, we will go for it. The military won't hang around after that."

On French president Jacques Chirac's international standing:

Chirac faces a humiliating climbdown in front of the world or risks total isolation by using his veto at the UN.

If he votes against action, America will sweep his protest aside and go to war immediately.

A senior diplomat said: "More sophisticated French politicians are appalled with the way Chirac has gone out on a limb.

"They are desperate to avoid a vote of any sort in the UN.

"Chirac is hitting the phones, piling pressure on Russia and the African states to give the weapons inspectors more time."

The shaming of Chirac would have sweeping global repercussions.

The Franco-German alliance which has dominated the European Union for half a century risks being smashed.

Britain could move into the driving seat in a new alliance with Italy, Spain, Holland and the ten new states due to join next year.

And President Bush gave Chirac a stunning blow when he told him, "President Chirac, we will not forgive and we will not forget."


"It'll Be Soon, It'll Be Swift and It'll Be Short" [via Patrick Ruffini]

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