The American Mind
TAM now MTed

Interview with Protest Warrior

Sony CEO on Net Music
Milwaukee Rally

Jim Schwab has plenty of
German Christian Democratic Union leader
The first ever Critiquees have
We pro-war types should be
War can begin. The troops
Martin Sheen cut a commerical
A pro-war guy joined the
It looks like the Department
Turkey still hasn't agreed to
The Iraqi National Congress is
Michael Kelly on last weekend's
Jacques Chirac might be cracking.
So, Arkansas can pump enough
Occasionally I read fiction. Usually
The Nation's publisher, Victor "Alger
I'm not winning. All I
Jonathan Gewirtz uses Google more
During the Spanish Civil War,
Reuters has a story on
NATO is finally supporting its
Kevin's done some serious remodeling
The Stalinists of ANSWER were
Australia's John Howard understands the
Google bought Blogger. Their vast covered the London protests.
In contrast to the millions
U.S. business economists come to
I second Johnathan Pearce's idea
Robert Lane Greene is pretty
TNR on the death of
David Frum on Valentine's Day:
Gregory Breisger had a problem
Can you say Rep. Tom
Last week, I posted on
Gov. Doyle is doing something
John Keegan doesn't see the
Virginia Postrel's next book will
Jack over at SCSUScholars echoes
This NY Times story gives
Alan Greenspan told lawmakers that
NATO's still dying before our
Since I gave up on
Congratulations to Jonah and Jessica
The former director of Iraq's
Affirmative action may be preventing
People like Eric Schlosser and
Rich Galen might have a
What weird time-space continuum is
I haven't been a Sen.
France and Germany have said
As The Agonist shows, for
Kofi Annan said Iraq ha
I've been thinking of going
Rod Dreher on Michael Jackson:
Economist Edward Castronova has studied
My God, a story in
The foam is still a
A bunch of big companies
Gerhard Schroeder may have to
Add Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia,
After making a case for
In last week's State of
NASA doesn't think foam from
LeBron James can play again.
A sad thing about Michael
The space shuttle is yesterday's
Horlick High School in Racine,
I'm back. Here's the latest:
I've been at this for
The second NASA briefing does
Iraqis (presumably pressured by Saddam's
President Bush speaks: The same
Dale Amon is still theorizing
Welcome, Scripting News readers. Too
David Janes is doing play-by-play
Here's a story on fallen
Laurel Clark was a local
Dale Amon hypothesizes on what
Ilan Ramon gave Israelis something
The BBC's Dr. David Whitehouse
NBC reports that a US
Spaceflight Now's Stephen Clark gives
Here's more on the shuttle's
NASA has lowered flags to
American "arrogance" may have led
The AP has a brief
A CBS Radio reporter is
NASA has sent out search
Haaretz's story doesn't add any
Racine, WI's Laurel Clark was
Early speculation should focus on
Glenn Reynolds links to the
The space shuttle Columbia is
High school basketball superstar LeBron
Kevin Holtsberry is tracking his
I might be escaping Wisconsin
Another Sean has had problems
Lance Armstrong stood up to
HUMOR: ScrappleFace reports that Janet
Why I ever bothered with
Germany has a problem with
This letter by eight European
Who had the bright idea
The line I took away
mtpoltics shows that when confronted
In a report, the Institute
Christopher Reeve can say all
To the war critics out
Sen. Clinton criticized President Bush's
The U.S. may use nukes
I choose Freidrich over Salma
France, Germany, Russia, China, and
For all you Milwaukee-area talk
Tampa won the Super Bowl.
The Brothers Judd: consumers of
Fredrick Norman links to a
The Guardian is reporting that
A few days ago, Glenn
Forget France and Germany who
I want Shania Twain to
Today marked the 30 anniversary
A judge correctly threw out
HUMOR: Here's one way to
Thomas Friedman tries to convince
In his first of four
A few days ago, I
War hasn't even broken out
ESPN put together a list
Australian scientists used adult stem
Al Sharpton and Rep. Charles
What the University of Michigan
We're going to war with
Today is National Sanctity of
How can I not link
Floyd Norris points out that
Wisconsin Right to Life started
In a history debate would
The Cato Institute notes that
Lynn doesn't believe in the
President Bush's plan to end
Rod Dreher defends Gov. Ryan's
The NY Times has a
Russell Roberts notes that ending
In the end good sense
Can someone ask Jesse Jackson
Here's a sign the Culture
True evil resides in North
Just because I work in
Daniel Drezner writes on the
2002 in Milwaukee was certainly
Here's a fine explication of
Media giants don't control culture,
Peggy Noonan examines the Democratic
Sen. Tom Dacshel (D-SD) is
Ex-Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill finally
The AP summed up the
I'm looking for a little
Enter Stage Right has just
Jon Last is right that
I'm cleaning out the bookmarks.
Brock Yates has little faith
Courtesy of Progressive Racine (good
The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has
Today, Illinois Gov. George Ryan
Cory Doctorow is a first-time
From the How Fitting Department:
So, my coverage of the
Here's a little bit of
The Ottawa Senators have become
Jonathan Karl reveiws David Frum's
Max Boot advocates spending a
Ron Marr with a funny
Science fiction writer William Gibson
Bill Maher's back with Real
A thought popped into my
A Danish committee declared Bjorn
Alfred A. Knopf stopped printing
If you were someone who
So far, I've gotten no
St. Cloud State College Republican
Packers fans: Don't fret, we
The new year brings Washington
The Clonaid baby is a
New York City gets the
President Bush will call for
Peggy Noonan wonders why we
Movable Type is installed. Now,
Want to know where the
Mike Sherman can claim all
Home playoff perfection is no
President Bush wants more federal
Glenn Reynolds issued a wise
Congratulations Buckeyes! It was an
I'm not a huge fan
Andrew had this to say
Thanks go to The Advocate
Here's a story where stems
Charlie Sykes compares good art
Thomas Hibbs notices some trends
John Hood offers some advice
Sen. John Edwards (D-NC) announced
Who will be kind enough
Andrew Sullivan asks this question:
Just about all of Lake
Germany will soon be on
Larry Kudlow predicts a higher
I failed in my first
I hope everyone had a
You've been waiting almost 12
Glenn Reynolds may be quite
The Boston Globe's "Ideas" section
Kwanzaa was inspired by Julius
In the event of war
John Fund reports that Gov.
I saw The Two Towers
On another happy Christmas note,
Here's a quote that puts
On an unChristmas-y note, Free-Market.Net
Ever the inspirer, Pat Buchanan
I hope you all had
The Palestinians (i.e. Yasser Arafat)
Some of you last-minute shoppers
Charlie Sykes offers his thoughts
Larry Lessig notes that in
Robert Pilon appreciates the blessing
Since Yahoo is buying Inktomi,
Looking at my hits, I'd
The Two Towers is doing
Arianna Huffington praises webloggers for
King at SCSUScholars reports that
Today began the last weekend
In the interest of
John Hawkins has a list
National Review and TAM both
Bill Clinton: the ex-President who
Will black activists like Jesse
Sen. Bill Frist will challenge
There will probably be little
If the Packers lose Sunday,
After reading this Thomas Sowell
I know it's early Tuesday,
In trying to cover his
I'm interested in seeing how
John Hawkins at Right Wing
Damn, now I won't have
Lee Bockhorn in The Weekly
Charging tolls to use Milwaukee's
Quick! President Bush, start the
Trent's toast. Peggy Noonan eloquently
Michelle Malkin makes some brilliant
More good work from the
Ron Bailey on Michael Crichton's
Let Remedy know that she's
U.S. intelligence suspects terrorists have
In a victory for economic
The Sen. Lott gaffe still
Global warming might be causing
Why should I care that
Since Sen. Lott isn't the
Here's probably my only comment
Victims of the Racine rave
Larry Kudlow writes that Paul
Right Wing News remembers Pearl
Out of all the books
Big econ news! Paul O'Neill
The USS Paul Hamilton collided
Rep. Kathleen Harris (R-FL) as
Happy B-Day Strom! "Strom Thurmond
Bravo to German tax protesters.
I know I'm a little
Is it the sign of
Ok, so the world doesn't
Al Sharpton is positioning himself
Modern art and the Culture
Daniel Pipes delivers a strong
Be wary of Brazil's president-elect
The U.S. officially presented to
Rush Limbaugh on why there
Maybe John DiIulio just has
With Wal-Mart announcing a record
Let's remember those guys and
HUMOR: Saddam is a cruel,
Michael Kinsley takes us behind
Salon has something on TIA.
Garrett Soden will be coming
Yesterday, I inadvertantly did not
Howard Owens on poetry: To
Have a good Thanksgiving everyone.
My TiVo doesn't think I'm
Tom Nugent covers tax cut
In the same year, two
Next week, the U.S. will
New York Attorney General Elliot
Glenn points out how much
I've done lots of posting
Should we knock Jacques Chirac
The bin Laden letter makes
Coach Mike Sherman isn't sorry
Linus Awuhe, Zamfara chairman of
This isn't a surprise: after
At the top of the
Glenn Reynolds quotes from a
Soon-to-be ex Congressmen Bob Barr
The Boston Globe Ideas section
Donations to feed the Israeli
Sen. Shelby (R-AL) correct to
Charlie Sykes discovered signs that
Hans Blix as Mr. Magoo.
Michael Crichton's Prey sounds entertaining:
The Daypop Top 40 is
Nigerian Muslims, demonstrating that theirs
I'm posting this from a
Bravo, Bob! 30 years of
An Aegis cruiser successfully shot
No surprise with Robert Caro
Kurt Cobain was even more
I thought Andrew Sullivan lives
Drudge has joined Fox News
Scott Adams on management books:
The 2010 Super Bowl in
Paleos will be screaming at
HUMOR: I wonder if the
ABC, ABC, I'm right here
Someone please tell Sen. Jim
Defense Undersecretary Pete Aldridge spoke
Dinesh D'Souza points out that
The Mother Jones article totes
The local Greens want an
PaleoWatch: My latest find highlighting
Lee Bockhorn comments on a
Orin Kerr over at the
Wisconsin teachers won't be going
The most interesting part of
Scott McCollum gets it right
Germany has a stalled economy
TAM is accessible in China.
Little sympathy from the Racine
Despite Bill Safire's fears, the
Drudge reports that Bob Woodward's
Teachers are using students as
I'll join Colin Powell in
Not everything published by the
The weblog is an open
While Tora, Tora, Tora (great
The White House may be
Lively comments on the Racine
The Racine Journal Times has
Glenn Reynolds posted on a
Ronald Reagan, John F. Kennedy,
By declaring his independence, new
Stephen Hayes wants Bill Moyers
Eugene Volokh gets some nice
Saddam's son would allow U.N.
I rarely Fisk. Some find
Borders already has a list
John Hawkins interviewed Victor Davis
Time's look at how the
The Economist takes aim at
10 Cubans made a daring
Thomas Sowell writes, With power
The Packers smashed the Lions
Is Gov. Gray Davis (D-CA)
Here's a rarity: something interesting
Orrin Judd on President Bush's
Peggy Noonan asks the biggest
Jane Galt wants to rev
The NY Times examines the
In an editorial about Jim
John Ellis thinks last night's
David Brooks on yesterday's results:
Sen. Trent Lott (R-MS) will
In South Dakota, Johnson won
Great, great night for the
Goofy web quiz. Which Founding
Journeys with George looks great.
In a few hours I'll
This isn't for me. I'm
Last night, I got sidetracked
Peggy Noonan thought Coleman won
I shouldn't have watched more
Kaus on Gary Hart and
I watched about 20 minutes
Jim Doyle's campaign just missed
The special prosecutor investigating Jim
Frank Lautenberg proves he's senile
Is the Mondale campaign low
Here's an update on the
Is Daypop dead? I haven't
Capitol Hill Blue reports that
Power Line summarizes the last
HUMOR: ScrappleFace does it again.
Libertarian Congressional candidate Stephanie Sailor
PaleoWatch: Some sense has come
Need a reason to vote
Power Line is covering the
To GOP readers in Minnesota,
David Horowitz labels last weekend's
Ted Rall accuses President Bush
The whole reason I cared
Sen. Wellstone's memorial service hasn't
PunchtheBag on the Neocon/Paleocon battle
Gov. Ventura predicts that the
Philosophy and Literature is no
PaleoWatch: President Bush is compared
Cato's Chales Pena calls CIA
Thomas Sowell gives conservatives a
Here's a reason why I
By all indications, Walter Mondale
An official for USAID was
The death toll at the
This looks serious--seriously funny! I
This past week's attack on
Paul Saunders points out that
It's over in Moscow. Fox
I only wanted Sen. Paul
Now, since the sniper has
Police found John Muhammad and
What do Democrats do in
Mike Taylor's back in the
On Friday, Blogcritics will start
Yann Martel's Life of Pi
So, randomly shooting people around
Chief Moose is negotiating with
One could claim I've smeared
Chief Moose has assured that
Jesse Ventura is a man
Two weeks before Election Day
I come back from New
Patrick delves into John Zogby's
Microsoft paid to bring webloggers
Many obituaries tip-toed over Stephen
Note for future reference:
Many people are (rightly) up
I've officially been on vacation
For my one or two
Steven Pinker's The Blank Slate
My fine state of Wisconsin
From Rich Galen: At a
Stephen Ambrose captured the sights,
Daniel Drezner defends Jimmy Carter's
Sen. Robert Byrd's (D-WV) staff
Josh Chafetz has a suggestion
HUMOR: Iraq wasn't the only
Doesn't this Technology Review article
Can the story of two
Wisconsin's worst traffic accident killed
The Nobel Peace Prize committee
The GOP won't play hardball
Charlie Sykes may be new
Montana Republicans are trying to
Sen. Russ Feingold spoke out
Milwaukee talk radio host, Charlie
32-year-old Antonio Albert was arrested
I'm going to make this
Arnold Kling calls the awarding
Sen. Paul Wellstone (D-MN) on
Two Americans, Daniel Kahneman and
The number of abortions have
Former FBI chief Louis Freeh
Lynn replied to my thoughts
Lynn writes about her problems
How many watches does Andrew
Glenn Reynolds comments on the
Here are some highlights from
Tomorrow's news today? One of
No! Arts & Letters Daily
With the anti-war protests across
Courtesy of MSNBC's Weblog Central
Random Nuclear Strikes: a great
Historian Paul Johnson has Saudi
Supporters of Rep. Cynthia McKinney
Only a block away from
I don't care if Jesse
If I was still in
Patrick Ruffini thinks he knows
Jonah Goldberg on the NJ
Last week, there was some
Lynn asks why I allow
Harris Interactive made it official.
To let you know my
Hooray for Tony Parsons' impassioned
President Bush's foreign policy is
That Milwaukee 10-year-old was chared
Some twit (don't think I'm
Buffoons like Tom Tomorrow still
A 10-year-old may become the
I buy the results of
It took a few days,
HUMOR: ScrappleFace beat me to
Guessing game time! Name the
John Hawkins covers the Torricelli
There's still some sanity in
It's the 1970s all over
Here's more on Congressmen McDermott
There are exceptions to everything,
By way of Punditwatch, I
When Iraq is freed from
When it comes to the
121 years ago, a man
James Fallows has a "must
Trent Rezor is a sonic
11-year-olds will have access to
This is the music video
Nick Schulz takes the first
Lynn's fed up with ABC
Eugene Volokh's scenario is frightening,
Jim's list of things to
Webloggers and readers with an
USA Today has a lengthy
Stephen Silver didn't like The
Brad DeLong on basic statistics:
Jane Galt calls The West
John Hawkins is tired of
The agency in charge of
Best British weblog, as determined
Dawn writes, No one is
The University of California at
In an e-mail, Chris Mosier
The the inaugural issue of
Clayton Cramer asserts that the
PALEO WATCH: The latest item
Lynn Sislo found some links
Christopher Hitchens is leaving The
Lynne Stewart, radical lawyer, charged
Chris points out a John
A Vermont federal judge ruled
Gerhard Schroeder wins, but the
A bunch of historians want
I'll add to Matt Welch's
If the reviewer can really
Is this a joke? Cage's
Charles Oliver makes a valid
Not only is Bob Greene
It's bad enough the Packers
Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D-GA) may
Dean Bartkiw offers this comment
Andrew Sullivan wonders about the
An Enron auction starts on
With a scribble, Gov. Gray
HUMOR: Scientists discover the cause
Who would have thunk? Arabs
Israel will strike back if
If someone really likes me
Orrin Judd may have the
How about Patrick's great beginning
Because many of the benefits
How about combining my last
I'd jump at this chance
Since Larry Ellison stepped down
Milwaukee Police Chief Art Jones
President Bush asked Congress for
Leonard Pitts comments on the
Here are some alt-press stories considers an Iraq-for-Georgia deal
Finding a Jeff Jacoby column
The Milwaukee Brewers must read
The Minneapolis Fed interviewed Nobel
An odd point about fixing
Tunku Varadarajan reviewed some of
HUMOR: ScrappleFace reports Iraq's problems
Wow, there's already a grassroots
How about a new political
Bob Greene: great writer, but
John Hawkins reminds us that
Patrick plays expensive polling guru.
I learned from Samizdata's weblog
Daypop needs to invest in
The Dreamhost moved must have
That Green Bay Packers' defense
My web hosting company will
HUMOR: Patience pays off. "Castro
Because of movement of materials
How about this idea from
The first big exhibit since
PALEO WATCH: Thomas DiLorenzo dubs
Applause must go to Fox
David Wynn Miller calls himself
Bush's U.N. speech ("gambit" in
The case for an Iraqi
Stephen Den Beste calls President
Bill Gertz had this to
Here are some of Thomas
John Leo looks at the
Francis Fukuyama and Nadav Samin
Goof-ball Eurowienie artist, Damian Hirst
Washington socialites may be upset
I've watched a few hours
Ronald Bailey writes, It is
John Hawkins has a fine
The Eye, an avid TAM
Another site dedicated to Flight honors the warriors on
The Washington Times has a
Clear Channel has a bunch
Never Forget
For today, I was set
I don't feel bad about
The "sinister cabal" that's Blogcritics
The Bear on American's way
In The National Interest is
Jonah Goldberg's suggestion to President
The UPI headline may say
Jeremy Reynalds delves into the
Sorry for my weblogging tardiness.
I have a day-time shift
Powell has gone back to
T-minus nine days until 24
This goes in the Unintended
For the record, the John
To any conspiratorial paleos or
PunchtheBag has inspired me to
In Andrew Marr's analysis of
A coalition against Iraq is
While covering a little too
A banner reading "Guns save
Daypop has been down for
PunchtheBag (scroll down to September
Admitted libertarian Ralph Reiland spanks
Thomas Sowell notes that years
Patricia Owen got Borked by
Funny stuff from ScrappleFace: CBS
The Senate voted to let
Tonight the NFL season starts.
Is it a coincidence that
I saw the conversation between
Rob Dreher went on an
Ladies and gentleman, your 2002
The West Virginia football team
The post-Cold War U.S. thought
Last night, Joe Queenan was
Rudy Gulliani on what to
Another reason to ignore the
U.S. News' Paul Bedard reports
The NY Times covers the
I haven't bother following the
UK engineers worry that needed
Patrick wants some data to
Does anyone know Eminem's beef
Back to the strike that
John Gray was once a
The baseball season has been
If you ever saw Tora,
To: President Bush, Tom Ridge,
From the "You Learn Something
Leon Wieseltier on the remembrance
Unlike the vast majority of
Posting will be sparse for
Amazon's stock hasn't been doing
Rudy Giuliani on what should
There's a report floating around
Ronald Bailey reports on the
Courtesy of ScrappleFace (what's with
Time to have some fun
The White House thinks it
John Hawkins catches law professor
Yuval Levin reviewed Capitalism and
We're at the point where
The great Bernard Lewis delves
Weird story of the day:
A group at Baylor University
Donald Sensing of One Hand
Brothers Judd, thanks for the
The New Republic adds onto
Courtesy of IMproPRieTies, here's a
So far, the only mentions
A Saudi banker blames Jews
Europe must just love Tom
John Podhoretz calls Blue Crush
Alright, the Milwaukee MEETUP didn't
This is a great start
I'll be at the Milwaukee
Yeah, crazy Cynthia McKinney lost.
Secretary Donald Rumsfeld on preemptive
It's great that CNN is
What generals, military analysts, politicians,
The NEA suggests to teachers
Those who don't understand the
The latest count has 2,819
I'm cleaning out my stash
Som is an electronic musician
Fareed Zakaria cuts through the
From Virginia Postrel's latest NY
The premise of The Washington
Judge Jeffrey L. Simmons in
A former Palestinian Authority treasurer
Yikes! The suit against all
A Cuban rap festival where
Baseball players say they'll strike
Here's a great bit from
Donald Rumsfeld on the re-opening
America's most ferocious weapon has
With the coming one-year anniversary
Mount Pleasant, WI's Plan Commission
James Bowman sees the strangeness
Alicia Colon went into a
A Washington, D.C. EMT believed
John makes a simple yet
Since much of the economic
My Blogcritics review is up,
An e-mail posted at The
President Bush takes a stand
John at Right Wing News
Blogcritics is up and running.
Australia is having an important
The worst burden from Alzheimer's
The sudden popularity of DVDs
Here's a treat. Alan Wellikoff,
According to federal officials, scientists
A crass way of driving
The amount of Republican loveliness
Bomb Iraq on September 11th?
Dan Santow has some words
David Friedman has laid out
It only took one column
Patrick points out the same
I know I posted a
Prof. Reynolds pointed me to
The British Film Institute's Sight
Will we have a congressional
The Journal Sentinal doesn't even
The University of North Carolina
Make your own Def Leppard
Who would have thought developers
Milwaukee's Willy Porter has come
U.S. troops in Bosnia bought
"Let's Roll" may be the
The reason for the upgrading
I didn't watch it and
While pols and pundits are
Eric Olsen is working with
Who are the greatest guitarists
Andrew Sullivan is taking a
Note to self: never live
The backward nation of Nigeria
Thomas Ricks points out that
Don't let your jaw drop
John Hawkins offers a fine
Jimmy Eat World gets a
I don't know if Bill
Lawrence Henry notes that few
Great essay by Steven Den
It seems Jeremy Scahill, independent
The Washington Times named Milton
Bill Moyers: "objective" liberal journalist
Even More Light Pollution than
The Packers now have the
This has been a bad
The U.N. says there wasn't
Light Pollution cont. In a
John Hawkins at Right Wing
Jon David is doing his
Nobel Prize winner and free
American Atheists, Inc. may consider
Well, this is a pleasant
Electric cars may be more
Wisconsin printing king Harry Quadracci
I'm at the same "Insignificant
You only have 5 days
So, Vice President Cheney has
While scanning the list of
Bill Safire sure isn't young,
Mucho kudos go to Lance
Here's the transcript of the
McCain hosting SNL can't possibly
Philip Morris actually supports FDA
Michael Kinsley on Washington's lust
This idea of posting one's
James Traficant gets the boot.
Despite the bear market and
If this D.C. suburb actually
Rush Limbaugh has an answer
If the Supreme Court hadn't
Despite the quickness of the
Reason's Sara Rimensnyder points out
Pollution may have played a
TAM has a spiffy new
Jane Galt's easy to learn
Howie Kurtz's "Awful Headline of
There's little real news about
A few weeks ago, TAM
Be very wary of altering
Minnesota newspaper editors are loving
Yes, even Tiger Woods is
The lack of trust in
If there wasn't a war
Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY got
Congressman are still missing the
Beware, Leftists! David Horowitz is
Yesterday, the Packers lost the
Suman Palit takes on TAPPED's
After the past few weeks
Jim Schwab is fishing the
An enemy bookstore chain interviewed
Here are some thoughts on
This is not a way
Arafat's idea of appointing a
Regnery Publishing will release Bill
This is what Roger Altman
An iPod that holds 1000
Today, the first sketches will
So far, I'm the only
Let me add one more
Maureen Dowd actually won a
The point behind bunker-busting nukes
India and Pakistan could be
There's lots of buzz at
According to the White House,
How preventing CEOs from getting
TAM International Correspondent, Eric G.
A Washington Post story tried
It's amazing to what lengths
Another baseball game went into
Joe Morgan calls this year's
Joe Morgan calls this year's
Bud Selig's statement that a
Bud Selig isn't the only
Here are few points I'm
Take this anti-traders: globalization is
Steve Chapman points out that
After listening to "Destiny" over
I'm glad to know Amnesty
Maybe Milwaukee baseball is jinxed.
I don't see much for
EBay will buy PayPal. As
I've thought about doing a
James Buchanan sees expansive government
In honor of July 4th,
Usually the flag is flown
This judge is making law
With school vouchers' constitutionality now
In the Milwaukee area, we've
Probably no more posts for
The USDA won't allow private
While the Supreme Court gave
Thomas Sowell goes to the
Andrew Sullivan wears the same
James Lileks' problem is that
The Eye (don't worry, I'll
Here's a quick ripping of
There's not much I can
I've discovered where some of
Tomorrow, Summerfest begins. It's 11
I hope to find some
Fredrik links to a Joseph
The greatest harm from President
Here are two reasons not
Todd Gitlin's article denounces the
Arnold Kling delves into whether
Microsoft has ambition plans for
I'm back from Dubuque. The
I will be away this
Arafat will now accept Bill
Could pro-cloners like Ronald Bailey
Bob Greene's Once Upon a
This quote from Professor Joseph
Patrick has some good thoughts
Guys, I'm thinking of putting
Cuban dissidents get thousands of
Again, I offer Arafat this
Governor Jesse isn't running for
Could the Blogathon people suggest
I've preferred the word "weblog"
It made be over a
Brock Yates sees that one
John Burkett is a petty has gone into the
All I got to see
AlGore may be a green,
Ronald Pestritto uses Flag Day
Today is Flag Day. Don't
Hooray, there's something worth reading
Which has a better chance
I re-read the story on
Welcome to new readers who
I still have no answer
Paul Krugman accepts the Clintonian
Both the St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Paul Wolfowitz had some fine
Eugene Volokh provides [via InstaPundit]
The effects from a "dirty
$4850 isn't a lot of
Jon at C-Log replied to
The Heritage Foundation's initial view
The Yahoo beta cleans up
Jon Garthwaite has a Tivo
In an interview, Professor Thomas
Orrin links to an article
Jack Straw thinks enlarging the
Lou Dobbs has finally given
Like me, an anonymous NRO
Yesterday at work, I was
Tom Ridge may have something
Hey all right-thinking Web addicts!
The Blue Button advocates 9.11
Glenn Reynolds correctly points out
TAM's international correspondent, Eric G.
How exactly does a byline
On Monday, I was ready
Dinesh D'Souza's What's So Great
I'm playing the role of
The greatness of Thomas Sowell
I don't care if the
The stream of homicide bombers
Paul Gottfried noticed an anti-European
The planes that crashed into
The FBI's new intelligence gathering
It's good to know that
Great, another season of watching
If it has any decent
No shock in this small
Prediction time: No one will
Rod Dreher had the Bayou
I'm still hunting for the
To all those who are
It was too daunting a
I may slap someone silly
The EU says they don't
The Culture of Death rears
Sen. Russ Feingold said, "People
Milwaukee Archbishop Rembert Weakland admitted
I knew my readers wouldn't
The Senate passed fast-track trade
Peggy Noonan writes that Pres.
Stephen Jay Gould was a
Why didn't Democrats complain that
Rumsfeld says terrorists will get
Transportation Undersecretary John Magaw, Secretary
Nearly expired Coca-Cola was repackaged
Yuck! Yuck! Yuck! The planned
While the media claimed mailbox
Companies, like Stanley Works, moving
Jim Lehrer sees the future
How perceptive of Mike to
No need for me to
Attack of the Clones is
Open Source guru, Eric Raymond
Good stuff from Jonathan Chiat.
Arafat is calling for reforms
Is the baseball players union
Alright, I'll give Jimmy Carter
Frank Gaffney has a fine
Jonah Goldberg's latest column got
If you're opposed to a
Does Brendan Nyhan of Spinsanity
Jimmy Carter has a vendeta
Fredrik Norman is living the
In a political economic context,
Be wary of graduates from
I had a feeling NRO's
There are a couple Wisconsin
Steve Den Beste points out
It's been over eight months
The sexiest intellectual battle right
Former Green Bay Packers coach,
Have faith in the Saudi
Ha'aretz reports that President Bush
Econoblog could be really intersting.
A smiley face?!? A smiley
Welcome everyone who's found my
Rem Koolhaas' idea of a
Despite the conventional wisdom (i.e.
If Arafat is really serious
Mailbox bomber, Luke Helder has
TAM's international correspondent based in
Luke John Helder, the man
Add Rush's album to a
Glenn Reynolds has discovered someone
Mark Byron provides a fine
Scott offers some interesting comments
Last month, during my vacation
Condeleeza Rice, on Fox News
Bravo! Bravo! The U.S. is
What a shock! Le Pen
Why I bother with Paul
Francis Fukuyama's Our Posthuman Future
There shouldn't any surprise that
Can we end this ridiculous
Human Rights Watch is already
The fight for freedom is
Great news! Jimmy Eat World
Ten thousand brave Cubans may
The Palestinians now concede that
Now, U.S. and Czech intelligence
Stephen Ambrose has lung cancer.
Mahdi Abdul Hadid of the
The "cruel" Israelis say Arafat
I will not be taking
According to Dr. Michael Gazzaniga
Ken Adelman wants the U.N.
So far, Zero 7's "Destiny"
Technocrats would have a field
Ignore the teeny-boppers as immature
A building in New York
Note to self: Anyone who
How is this notated in
Myron Magnet continues to push
It shouldn't come as a
Sen. Jeffords (I-VT) wants federally
Let me say this plainly:
The French are ashamed, other
Well, despite what knee-jerk Clinton
Time reports that pilots still
Kudlow has to get into
What should one make of
A computer with the power
The Israelis really believe they
All is well in the
For at least a week,
New Yorkers are thinking right
Louis Rukeyser will be taking
The Pulitzers have been announced.
The altered logo up in
Dave Kopel noticed the same
Bill Clinton can't handle this
I hope Andrew Cuomo's letter
Madison, WI: in the same
At the state capitol, everyone
Charles Paul Freund takes a
Get on board and shout
Arafat has a golden opportunity
Brock Yates has some questions
Arnold Kling analyzes environmentalists' economics
The Israeli military has a
While playing around with Teoma,
If Bill Kristol would let
For all the abuse Israel
Families of Palestinian suicide bombers
Ariel Sharon has shown his
Alright, there's some use for
Boy, do I feel better
Comrades, Teofilo Stevenson is a
That capitalist Internet institution Google
This story is just a
Comrades, Bjørn Stærk has also
Comrades, The Internet could have
If Canada can have a
Fellow comrades, Mark 4.20.02 on
It's a new month. Heck,
I hope everyone had a
Dan at Happy Fun Pundit
I might want to steal
Larry Kudlow would like to
I should get hitched just
Kentucky's Rep. Thomas Burch (D)
I like Mark Bryon's blurb
The "Fightin' Whites" may have
Yehuda Lancry, U.N. ambassador from
Israel's cabinet has declared the
A world EPA? That's what
Bob Mould has gone crazy.
I have a feeling Napster
Members of Britain's New Labour
The big story from the
While moving to a flat
A. N. Wilson brings back
Things aren't going well for
Primary documents illumate shadowy issues
Wendy McElroy surveys wrongful life/birth
Leann has collected a whole
2002 is turning out to
The three pillars of leadership
Arafat has joined a member
I wonder who leaked that
The biggest lesson from Enron's
Alex (not Alec) "Stone Hyde"
The Onion honors Michael Dell.
According to Andrew Sullivan, the
Rich "Nuke Mecca" Lowry expands
Can someone give Peggy Noonan
Louis Rukeyser is leaving Wall
National political parties will be
Buying a Fighting Whites t-shirt:
Watch closely at how politicos,
The First Amendment Restriction Act
The New York Sun's op-ed
For the first time, I've
George Tenet's comments about Iraq
The Third-Party Hero is in
This story about lost Russian
The Saudis are walking a
Nicholas Maier's Trading With the
At Send Them Packing, your has a two-part series
No big celebration for me
Glenn Reynolds is probably drunk
Scott deftly moves from the
James Tobin, Nobel Prize winner,
A good thing about the
Last time I heard, guns
Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill has
Gonzaga may have gotten shafted
It appears that Slate was
Here are some excerpts from
A future U.S. Army will
Mayor Norquist may have declared
Rep. Dan Burton's House Committee
From the Pot Calling the
There's a vast (Right Wing?)
"Wrongful life" suits have reached
Add shoddy owl data to
Be on the lookout for
Texas' insanity law didn't doom
I noticed this paragraph from
If you want advice about
If Lt. Cmdr. Michael Scott
The Packers got their big-time
Doris Kearns Goodwin is on
The government is even more
I wish Dr. Abd Al-Hamid
There are thousands of frozen
Dr. Rif'at Sayyid Ahmad can
Clinton bashers (and freepers) are
David Vise, author of the
Here's a hint about music
A k-log (knowledge log) could
Stanley Kurtz wants college conservative
Atlanta's Chipper Jones doesn't mind
A Michael Kinlsey-less Slate got
Gory details on the military's
Saddam wants the Olympics. He
So Mayor Bloomberg thinks Giuliani
Fredrik just might have a
With Tom Ament resigning as
Ridge, Minetta, and President Bush
The Weekly Standard's Matt Labash
In Virginia Postrel's latest NY
Dr. Anthony Barnett on memetics
For a fast, yet illuminating
I haven't been a big
I'm sure I'm too young
On the Google-weblogs union: ...weblogs
John Madden runs off to
Research from an unreleased U.S.
Throughout their career, U2 always
Central Asia could become
Off-shore wind farms offer less
The U.S. has ended its
Some may think Sen. Paul
Paul Tully echoes the same
Last night, Condolezza Rice received
Despite all the calls for
Alexandra Pelosi put together a
Tom Jacobs points out that
Zain Hashmi has a rare
Mark Kurlansky's Salt: A World
Richard Brookhiser has come out
ANWR: pristine ecosystem or acres
I don't believe Rev. David
The U.S. women couldn't get
To be fair (I'd also
Rumsfeld shouldn't be afraid to
A smile always comes to
American military unilateralism is inevitable
Besides linking to TAM, one
The French ice dancing gold
For supporting men who mean
If you read the NY
Can someone please tell Mr.
The U.S. Men's Hockey team
Modulate is the first of
TiVo is not only a
Sale and Pelletier will get
Charles Krauthammer points out that
A surprise at the Olympics
Jamie Sale and David Pelletier
David Kipen writes, For e-
If U.S. airline travel gets
If there was some actual
The Toronto Globe and Mail
John Fund analyzes campaign finance
I will always remember Waylon
The Enron Effect hits Krispy
Quote of the day goes
Free publicity for Joe Boxer.
You would think that putting
Preliminary AP reporting suggests only
Drug legalization advocate, Kevin Zeese
The Weekly Standard's blog parody
Libraries are taking a cue
Artificial wombs open up a
Reporters at the Milwaukee Journal
Bill O'Reilly bought the spin
Basketball is the most international
I'm pulling for Rep. John
It's bad enough that Milwaukee
Yesterday was Ronald Reagan's 91st
Andrew Sullivan's new book club
If the IOC thinks they'll
Critics have at it over
Rep. Dick Armey (R-TX) opposes
After reading Matt Labash's report
Yasir Arafat stakes his claim
The New England Patriots win
NRO's Ramesh Ponnuru asks, "Was
Ron Cuzner, newly retired Milwaukee
Kurt Warner may have found
Maybe after $25 billion in
Mike's back with a rather
It's been put off for
Unlike some of us, I
Is Hamid Karzai the first
A fine portrait of the
E. J. Dionne jumps on
The Motley Fool will be
Tom Tomorrow, the comic artist
The Washington Post goes Pulitzer
The terrorists held in Cuba
While still in the talking
A military commander for North
2002 is already becoming a
Brian Doherty notes that later
A deep belief and passion
TAM is now powered by
Eric Burns thinks newspapers and
Kmart is so spooked by
Any hint of an accounting
The Rink Rage Killer only
Cooked books, shredded documents, calls
Wal-Mart will soon become the
In his tribute to Robert
Influential libertarian philosopher Robert Nozick
Iran's new alliance with Arafat
Wendy Gramm certainly has a
Ev has demoed Blogger Pro.
Didn't Robert Altman threaten to
I've been trying really hard
The West is doomed because
It's been a few weeks
It's pretty simple to analyze
The big story in the
The Bush White House doesn't
It takes real talent to
Black Hawk Down may be
An interesting idea for accounting
While stark, the treatment of
Page down to the part
Enron fires Andersen. But what's
Andersen knew that Enron's accounting
A NOW spin-off wants to
It's interesting to compare how
Consumers are doing their part
On the affect of large
Schottenheimer's out and Spurrier's in.
Congressman Waxman (D-CA) is taking
Planet MR2 got a small
Did President Bush have money
Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-CT) is
Andersen, Enron's accountant, should go
The Green Bay Packers move
Enron got $4 billion in
With Daniel Snyder's yearning for
It seems 24-hour news channels
Andersen, Enron's accountant, is being
At the root of this
This is weird. You need
Sure, I'm biased, but Stephen
Democrats out to get Bush
Instead of wasting time on
I may have been wrong
In a few hours the
Because a French court ruled
Enron's bankruptcy will only play
This op-ed is delusional. Bob
Tom Wolfe notes that New
Due to Blogger's illness, yesterdays
Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) is
One of the greatest coaches
Wisconsin Republicans have a rather
If you think your public
Scott wonders about using deceit
The National Organization for (liberal)
Fuel cells as a real
Bill Gates on the Xbox:
I was waiting for David
More on Michael Strahan's cheap
An old man like Rep.
Milwaukee County supervisors are livid
This review of Berard Goldberg's
What Tiger 03 did in
Virginia explains the concept of
Wisconsin is one state that's
It's NFL Players Week on
Fred Barnes concludes the Ambrose
Steve Jobs wanted the new
James Q. Wilson links the
Rich Galen combines Enron with
I love how the Journal
The Journal Sentinal editorial page
The paleo-libertarians at the Mises
There's a poll (to the
Stephen Ambrose had admitted his
Clark Judge knows Favre gave
Michael Strahan had an outstanding
Not over my dead
Lord of the Rings took
Edmund Morris has no regrets
Andrew Hofer's idea about licensing
Professor Marc Herold claims that
I read the military portion
Maybe Stephen Ambrose, America's most
While children were opening presents
As part of a settlement
This may be my only
I'm impressed with myself that
Another 100+ story skyscraper would
I've added another commenting feature
Nine Packers made the Pro
Not surprising, but Sen. Lieberman
The weblogging phenomenon is only
Bad Elements examines the thoughts
Mr. InstaPundit writes this fine
Best prediction for 2002 (so
In Bias, Bernard Goldberg, ex-CBS
Happy New Year!!!
Books are the medium that
Way back on 9.14.01, I
The end of the year
I first met Bob McTeer,
According to Maria Angelidas in
Tony Snow's two-year-old column uncovers
What a beautiful piece of
Dan Mitchell points out that
Country music may be the
The University of Wisconsin's contribution
Alan Dershowitz has been in
James Pinkerton wraps Tolkein, Plato,
Deborah Solomon of the NY
Democrats' mouths are watering over
Merry Christmas.
Rudy Giuliani as Time's Man
The book's finished. Now, bring
Bombs in shoes. How do
Bill Clinton won't fade away
I will remember Dick Schaap
From word-of-mouth I've gotten at
Here's more evidence on why
This story won't slip under
NetFlix is a dot-com that
Shimon Peres says Israel will
Two reasons why Israel considers
Most of the victims of
The "Judeo-Christian Tradiiton" is only
A novel dealing with the
Enron executives misled investors with
Nicholas Kristof offers a real
The U.S. leaves the ABM
The Palestinian Authority (in name
Israel has abandoned Arafat saying
On a lighter, and sweeter
Today there were two more
Ev might be on to
The BCS just doesn't cut
A Congress (particularly a Dachle-led
In a free market, companies
U.S. District Judge Royce C.
Will environmentalists blame Man for
How I wish December 7
ER without Greene and Benton?
Nine states attorneys general strike
Is Mariah wearing regulation camo?
Philip Morris (soon to be
Fareed Zakaria makes the obvious,
Mickey Kaus' website must be
Based on Mike's research, Krispy
Pipes and Schanzer take on
Richard Roeper calls Hillary's NY
Chris Matthews hasn't been this
Cal Thomas echos my point
Kevin provides a local perspective
What did you do to
The violence against Israel has
How are parents going to
Lawrence Kaplan hits it on
The next terrorist attack on
While not a Beatles fan,
President Bush's Social Security Commission
Andrea Millen Rich reports that
Happy B-Day B-52. "Still Bombing
If you oppose liberal/socialist orthodoxy
Now, I might enjoy the
ARRGH!!! I now have to
Rich Lowry wants the U.S.
Rush saw Bush was a
If the allegations are true,
To prove the fact that
All guns are blazing in
Paul Johnson does a good
Bastiat's brilliant idea about the
French courts are just bizarre.
Cato's Ed Crane fights back
Thanksgiving and war have been
I'm thankful that Mike's been
Waller Newell argues "that the
NRO Weekend offers some of
Geoffrey Norman doesn't blame the
I'm jumping on the bandwagon
Pete du Pont is a
It must have been a
David Limbaugh loves Peggy Noonan's
There is incredible dedication at
Have any physics grad for
Thomas Sowell notes that the
While Safire is too harsh
The "universal shout" for freedom
Let's be clear about the
Bin Laden and his Taliban
I know Strom is doing
I don't care that uber-snob
Jeffery Hart has written a
Bernard Lewis writes: One also
A divided Miami community elects
Chelsea Clinton was raised by
The most important scholar alive
Peggy Noonan's When Character Was
I'm not sure what I
Michael Lind's and Ted Halstead's
KABUL IS LIBERATED!! Despite gripes
This is pretty simple: Bush
The Bush administration is getting
Forget the daisy cutters and has the first poll
From Ann Colter's latest mediocre
What does Powell mean when
Bill Maher, faux libertarian, sees
An eBayer's dream. I'll trade
Patrick Ruffini analyzes Brett Schundler's
American Middle East scholars were
Baseball will shut down two
Donald Rumsfeld notice the same
I feel another cliche coming
Don't buy the conventional wisdom
California Republicans shouldn't be griping
Big games from Ahman Green
The Arizona Diamondbacks pull off
I'll use the cliche "politics
Although we may be unprepared
Domestic terrorists strike (and I
In Thomas Madden's words, the
"The enemy won't rest during
Jonathan Franzen: literary snob. The
Radio shock jock, Erich "Mancow"
Scott Cunningham makes me laugh
Bill Kristol wants a new
Glenn Reynolds also wonders how
If Judge Judy just won't
Gibson was a college star
Anytime I have the chance,
Wonder why the press is
If Daniel Bloch is right
Greg Norman is about as
While more anthrax has been
If you're a terrorist intent
The only places people like
If Islam is a peaceful
The House passed an economic
Why resort to terrorism? Here's
Groove Armada's Goodbye Country (Hello
Saddam blames the U.S. for
ARRGH!!!! I have to wait
REMOTE is an example of
Apple has another design success.
Papers please! "Carded"
In the words of one
One downside to being President
There are times when it's
Rep. Buyer is wrong for
Let's not worry about anthrax.
The ground war has begun.
Weekly Standard writer and Wisconsin
In his speech at the
Tommy Thompson won't make it holds Stephen Hawking to
Alright, I'll follow the crowd
Wow, the Packers are really
Just when it looks like
A Palestinian state is acceptable
Ideas have consequences. So it's
No matter how esoteric or
At first, it may seem
United Airlines may not exist
The greatest living physicist, Stephen
TAM is now listed in
Milwaukee Art Museum spokeman, Pam
Brett Favre shreds the vaunted
To those who think poverty
Can an art museum fly?
The Travel America Now Act
A Ukranian missile shot down
Andrew Solomon's The Noonday Demon
David Brooks (by way of
The Holy Qur'an
Based on this picture, it
Rush has AIED. His own
John O'Sullivan correctly associates radical
It seems the only way
White House Press Secretary Ari
Tonight during his press conference,
Is it Osama or Usama?
Kevin ran into some guy
Did you have any idea
Since Bert is evil, it's
Tucked away in geekdom's corner
Who's next? Iraq? Today we
Christopher Hitchens no longer calls
On today's radio show, Rush
The Washington Times points out
Newsweek pieces together the tale
Here's a bit of advice
We, Americans, have to try
The Powell Doctrine: R.I.P.? "A
Muhammad Ali Farahat writes: The
Here's some good news that's
Jon Podhoretz on Politically Incorrect:
We need great works of
It only took Barry Bonds
If we seriously want to
AlGore did the right thing
This speech by Tony Blair
Buckley is right in stating
Reagan National is open! It's
Rich Galen has some experience
Emily Yoffe rejects poverty as
While Jerry Falwell and Pat
Any bloggers in the Southeastern
Stick a fork in Salon,
I don't support Bill Maher,
From "What if the
Thomas Sowell doesn't see the
Bob Novak has an answer
Washington politicians and free-spending liberals
They say laughter is the
Yesterday, one George got fired,
It's embarassing for Reagan National
A war on global terrorism
This was Rachael Anne Fajardo's
UPDATE: Phil Zimmerman was upset
Simply beautiful. "What Is An
If NASA can build a
The fight over school vouchers
Bill Clinton wasn't as close
George Reisman demonstrates that free-market
What a great Sunday. The
T-minus 6 and counting. "Bonds
British news reports that British
If it wasn't for the
Did scientists working on the
The first battle of the
To the heros of United
Wisdom and history do not
Richard Dawkins may be one
Either Italy's Defense Minister Antonio
Rich Lowry is already cheerleading
Sam Dealey sees some real
It amazes me that people
Real-world thought from an ex-spook.
It looks like the next
I know this sounds really
One result of Tuesday attack
I've added the banner on
While a Florida company can't
President Bush or Collin Powell
It's not just the sheer
While the military hunts down
Jerry Taylor & Peter VanDoren
Rep. Bob Barr (R-GA) has
Europe mourns with us. That's
Rudy Gulliani: Time's Man of
Unfortunately, civil liberties are threatened
How serious is the U.S.
President Bush looks beyond our
The AP reports that those
Today is a national day
Regardless of this latest attempt is providing some of
CNN is reporting more on doesn't think the U.S.
Virginia Postrel offers this very
Eric Raymond (of The Cathedral
How about a Die Hard
No request from President Bush
How many lives were saved
What happened to Jish is
A NASA satellite saw the
This intro from the San
Evil's shadow fell upon the
The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel deservedly
Will America buy cards of
Gary Trudeau is still the
The march to the Super
The Security Systems Standards and
Salon's Eric Boehlert thought the
In a strange bit of
In Milwaukee the homicide rate
Todd Dominey mentions seeing Anne
Hooray! Team Bush is seeing
Phil Gramm is justly praised
Just what television news needs:
The October Vanity Fair might
Who in the states would
Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft have had
Mark Levin is short and
Some Wall Street analysts are
Since the biggest problem with
HP will buy Compaq. This
Since Janet Reno appears to
The rest of the U.S.
Anarchy Lew correctly realizes that
Yesterday, I finally bought a
Avrum Lank notices the schizophrenic
If you're living in the
Here's my token Condit link.
Our crass ex-President went bikini
President Bush's attempt at streamlining
The dirty little secret is
French environmental terrorists destroyed fields
After reading Hooking Up Bruce
Krauthammer is right when he
Paul Gigot ends his 13
President Bush reaches for the
Put the ABM treaty on
My referrer logs have spoken
Conservative, free-market financial news and
Congrads to Kevin for tossing
Happy Birthday Blogger! (And Ev,
It's only a rumor, but
To those that think black
Think of "The Challengers"--a Wall
Israel Kirzner's latest book seeks
Do parents who file wrongful-birth
Vicki Cain performed in plays
It's official, if Russia can't
I'm right there with Kevin.
Bill doesn't go crazy over
James Taylor (not the lame,
Thomas Sowell wonders if some
Adam Smith wasn't the pure
Any compensation will just show
Bill St. Clair: gun lover
Here's a disturbing quote from
Mount Holyoke College defends the
In Eau Claire, WI, the
The NAACP is offensive--not because
With the help of the
blogBuddy is a small, fast
I didn't get a chance
Dr. Bjorn Lomborg will be
Tibor Machan tells us the
Why is the media making
A forgetable band calls it
Rush will do it if
In the early 80s, I
In a New York Times
This is not news, yet
Your tax dollars at work:
An item in the Wisconsin
President Bush's decision to fund
The Communist Chinese obviously consider
Along with the rest of
This is the same state
Here's more on my discourse
Maureen Reagan, Godspeed. "Maureen Reagan
Gov. Frank Keating (R-OK) knows
Carson Holloway makes a very
USA Today/CNN/Gallup polled Americans on
Michael Long: Conservative who doesn't
Tannette Johnson-Elie has a lousy
CNN thought 30 minutes was
Steven Horowitz makes a key
Sometime in the next 10
Ross Mackenzie fills us in
With a new $100 million
Think Gary Condit would have
The worst team in baseball,
President Bush supports a ban
Killer hooks, solid guitar crunch,
Ross Mackenzie has his crack
Note to self: must pay
A bunch of unthinking, Lefty
For all you white trash,
Two blogs have recently linked
Jonathan Rauch has written the
Lance Morrow notices a dramatic
Rich Galen gives his readers
While making some sensible points
Don't expect Dick Gephardt to
Billboard now tracks the top
Mallard Fillmore notices the Left's
Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) gets
President Bush should heed the
Democrats, labor unions, and senior
Milwaukee's best band, The Gufs,
Is Milwaukee, home of die
Malcolm Gladwell profiles America's informercial
Cheney doesn't need to sink
President Bush's unauthorized biographer killed
While inconsistent pro-life Senators are
Vacation's over! It's back to
For a taste of what
I had no trouble writing
The first leg of my
No, the altered logo at
Continuing with my facination with
Looking for a new job?
If Transgenic Pets has its
Brooke Allen defends super bookstore
The U.S. is at risk
Are you a "minder" or
For the sake of the
Slate got Glassed. A story
Stephen Moore wants President Bush's
No matter how much Sen.
P.J. O'Rourke notices that California's
Yeah!!!! John's getting hitched!
Who says crime doesn't pay.
The Associated Press provides more
I will be expecting my
The Texas legislature wants the
William F. Buckley's search for
Convential wisdom says Democrats are
Please vote for Blogger in
The Centers for Disease Control
A KISS coffin is only
With this latest attack by
India's infamous monkeyman scare was
This was the weirdest ending
It wasn't a good weekend
Milwaukee has its first oxygen
Professor Robert Essenhigh doesn't think
A Trotskyist group of screamers
Bret Stephens finds little real
Jesse Helms: staunch conservative Senator
Labeling egg cartons won't stop
The next thing we'll find
Professional athletes seem to be
Andrew Solomon's The Noonday Demon
With the most powerful politician
In one of the worst
In the world of Leslie
Art should be about examining
The Christian Science Monitor is
I joked to a friend
Janet Reno has announced that
Yeah, biotech food will win
National Review covers Bobby Flay's
Web content update: Salon's doomed
One half of the biggest
Oh the injustice!, the
The latest tragedy in Japan is invading the space
The media orgy over Monday's
If Microsoft president Steve Ballmer
President Bush should stick to
John Fund provides another comparison
The arrests of President Bush's
George Melloan offers this international
With churches getting more involved
Sen. John McCain's Left-ward drift
Supermodels will try to boost
Soon-to-be ex Majority Leader, Sen.
Bruce Benson comments on recent
Uber-DJ Paul Oakenfold is having
I'm always looking for new,
The Supreme Court ruled that
As of 5.22.01, here is
Rich Galen points out that
I noticed this from National
What an outrageous abuse of
A vote in the House
Always the contrarian, Andrew Sullivan
The biggest RINO (Republican In
The most backward nation on
Rachel, thanks for the link.
The late Edith Efron knew
The solution to the U.S.'s
John Podhoretz rips West Wing
Florida Democrats must be having
The summer movie season will
Eazel closed up shop. It
Rich Galen, writer of Mullings,
Blogger is working again. No,
While Blogger and I don't
Cathy Young comments on the
The House of Representatives voted
Mallard Fillmore on the U.S.
Paul Gigot observes that "The
Political Centrists are just big
Today, President Bush announces his
Parents, don't fret anymore. A
The U.S. won't violate the
Words mean things. So Mike
This passage illustrates why I
North Korea will suffer another
Wisconsin Democrats in one house
Pete Du Pont plainly describes
Lance is still alive!! Long
Is Minnesota Nice dead? Drunken
Stephen Moore makes the unfortunate
Colby, Colby, Colby! You lasted
Ed Trudeau is a jerk.
I fell for the myth
Like Ronald Reagan, President Bush
Anti-capitalistic feelings can't simply be
William Kucewicz provides much needed
Michelle Malkin gives President Bush
The philosophical giant, Immanuel Kant
The Sean right here is
Jorn has a new logo
I welcome all of you
Here's a little blurb from
Bob Kerrey performed a masterful
Can you say SeaQuest or
Doug Bandow on the recent
Bush knows when to play
Because of fears that Sen.
James Markels goes to the
Portrait of America polled Americans
For Henry Lamb everyday is
Linus Torvalds has written his
This paragraph is complete blather:
I can picture Miss Aguilera
China's aggression toward U.S. reconnaissance
In any future confrontation with
Greg Easterbrook wants the press
Mucho congrads to Bill and
The American Booksellers Association which
Alex Abramovich writes a nice
The Cincinnati Enquirer has brief
Rich Lowry, National Review editor
One of the best things
Working for a free trade
Godspeed, Joey. "Punk Pioneer Joey
For the really lonely, introverted
The answer is obviously soda,
I think Angus has some
Bill: libertarian weblogger and Britney
The Washington Post's Ken Ringle
AOL is your friend. AOL
Virginia Postrel on Washington, D.C.
The workers' paradise of Maine
UK researchers find that adult
China should get no apology
Ever since I earned my
While not a professional critic
Hildegarde's idea of including blogging
Bill Gertz is completely right
President Bush should find the
Democratic billionaire Robert Johnson opposes
President Bush offered this clever
People like Kevin will be
I'm in a feisty mood.
Science is routing around ethical
This not a joke. Memepool
I must have been staring
Friday night I took part
I hate I-told-you-so's when I
Human cloning per se isn't
I'm the Cult of Personality.
Old-school country star Charlie Pride's
California utility regulators are taking
The Vancouver Grizzlies (a horrible,
Like Sen. Lieberman (D-CT), Larry
Tunku Varadarajan chastizes the Murdochs
More great news for my
President Bush is a true
If News Corp's future lies
U2's Elevation Tour kicked off
A free trade deal with
David Horowitz has certainly stirred
Musicians on tour are feeling
Singer Carl Thomas wants "to
Kudos to Bill for his
If any storms of scandal
Larry Kudlow thinks the S&P
Salon is trying a new
I've rediscovered B&L&F&R. Snazzy new
President Bush will be in
In the end, this is
Pages like this one via
Pat Robertson rightly sees President
In academic economic thought, I
Jim Glassman sees software companies
I'm losing more money.
Rush Limbaugh has watched the
America's favorite bow hunter/rock star
With St. Patrick's Day arriving
Angus has gone for the
The free market strikes again!
Wired News has a great
The Nasdaq is below 2000
Sonicnet interviewed DJ John Digweed
The Palm Beach Post thinks
Can we please privatize Amtrak?
The most backward nation on
While Mike is away, Kevin
Christian bigot and billionaire, Ted
Stephen Moore offers the essence
Howard Kurtz reports on Rich
In response to Angus' gun-control
That damn Mike! He beat
Is the federal income tax
Rush on yesterday's Napster news:
A post on Metafilter offers
Gary Becker on the results
Jim Powell's sample chapter from
Will the 2002 New York
Gene Callahan reviewed Thomas Sowell's
After all the time and
Rich Galen, a politico with
Moratorium 2000 advocates a death
President Bush should seriously consider
What will come from the
Curt Brown was all psyched
Harold Stassen, former Minnesota governor,
AFL-CIO (and Democratic Socialists of
Mike didn't get dumped. There
Mike and the D.C. area
President Bush is taking full
Kausfiles has slapped an
Afghanistan, the most backward nation
A great ship named after
Zannah has a first-hand account
Professor Bart Beaty says the
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette editorial page editor
The New York Observer wants
As if you didn't know,
Angus is as excited as
Bill Clinton says, "I want
I've been meaning to post
Robert Bartley's a fan of
Jennifer Braceras followed the work
The women on Rep. Tom
What do sci-fi geeks do
Welcome to the new digs!
Scientists have pretty much ignored
No more claims that President
University of California president Richard
Reagan, In His Own Hand
Jack Kemp wants President Bush's
I love this time of
The Gipper is beloved by
Moma's workspheres exibition looks at
Technology has its pluses and
Mike thought I should work
Ms. Houston is following in
Why, oh why is Nirvana's