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September 26, 2001

A war on global terrorism

A war on global terrorism is impractical. There are so many groups out there and only one or a handful took part on the 9.11 attacks. An open-ended quest to rid the world of terrorism would be a bigger failure than the War on Drugs. Terrorists would still exist and would attempt counterstrikes.

The U.S. response must be focused on the groups behind the recent attacks, the nations that harbored or supported them, and any terror groups or nations that pose a direct, immediate threat to national security. Much of this will be done through covert operations, but the occasional blatant military strike will be called for (think Libya).

To address Mike's question: the U.S. may be coordinating with Britain, but the U.S. shouldn't go after the IRA unless they took part in the attacks.

"A War, Not a Crusade"

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