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May 18, 2003

Sunday Afternoon at the Movies

The Matrix Reloaded is like good lasangna: it's better a few days later. The first time I watched it Thursday, I was taking in the whole visual experience. And quite an experience it was with amazing fight and action scenes. This evening I watched it again and focused on the part of Neo actually being the one who could destroy Zion in order to save Humanity. This evil choice was given to him by a program that created the myth of "The One" in the first place. I got that bit of the plot pretty well down. However, Morpheus is even more contradictory. Throughout the movie he can't decide whether he believes in free will or destiny so he believes in both. Will he square the circle in Revolutions? I doubt it. That would be too much to hope from this Hollywood version of a introductory philosophy class.

Since I watched the movie to a 75% filled theater late yesterday afternoon, I'm surprised Reloaded didn't break Spiderman's record. Competition from other films as well as the R-rating probably had something to do with that.

"Matrix Reloaded Hits Mark at Box Office"

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