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May 27, 2003

al-Qaeda in Iran

And I thought there were no al-Qaeda in Iran. In the same story there's evidence that the State Department is lacking ideas:

Flynt Leverett, a former National Security Council official now with the Saban Center on Middle East Policy, said the Pentagon wants a harder line on Iran, including cutting off all contacts and overthrow the Iranian government.

The State Department is wary of a get-tough approach, but it lacks a viable alternative, he said.

Existing U.S. relations with Iranian moderates, mostly within the foreign ministry, are incapable of dealing with the current issues of al Qaeda and Iran's nuclear program, Leverett said. "You've reached a point in the policy where the status quo won't satisfy," he said.

You can only win an argument with an argument. That's why the Pentagon has been winning the big foreign policy debates. For the State Department it's always the status quo. I'd love Powell to shake things up intellectually there, but from his history, that probably won't happen. Unless he has definitive force and an exit strategy, don't look for decisive action.

"U.S. Says Iran's Al Qaeda Arrests Fall Short"

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