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June 18, 2003

Palestinian Axis of Evil

Hamas and Islamic Jihad in political union with the PLO? It sounds like an Axis of Evil in the making. Also, if we thought (hoped) that the installation of Prime Minister Abbas meant Arafat fading away, we would be wrong:

The joint leadership suggested by Abbas would be headed by Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat and operate under the umbrella of the PLO, according to the official Palestine Media Center.
[Emphasis mine.]

Tit-for-tat has gone on between Israel and the Palestinians for a long, long time. Talk and peace plans haven't brought peace any closer to reality. Benjamin Netanyahu is right on the money when he said, "Someone has to wipe out the terrorist groups. Either Abu Mazen will do it, or we will have to do it."

President Bush, can you please take the pressure off Sharon and let him destroy those groups waging war on his country? It's about time we finally have a winner.

"Abbas to Militants: End Attacks on Israel"

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