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August 21, 2003

Justin Raimondo, Come Back Anytime

I haven't had a good Paleowatch post in a long time, but thanks to a visit from Mr. Antiwar.com himself, Justin Raimondo I've been inspired.

It seems a bored Mr. Raimondo was cruising the Net and found this post on antiwar marching and his attack on Andrew Sullivan. He couldn't help responding to my remark that "next time I'm feeling ill, Dr. Raimondo will be the first Net writer I'll call for a diagnosis."

Next time you're feeling ill? Buddy, you ARE ill. Keep watching us paleos: we're watching you Likudniks, too....

Justin must be have forgotten to get a pack of cigarettes. Or he's trying to quit. Either way it sounds like he's having a major nic fit. However, I will humor myself and respond to this troll-like remark.

Next time you're feeling ill? Buddy, you ARE ill.
Dr. Raimondo is at it again, diagnosing from afar. He must have really took Newt Gingrich's idea of telemedicine to heart. He thinks Sullivan has some AIDS-induced mental disorder, and I'm just plain "ill." What skill. Forget writing diatribes a few times a week, Raimondo should go on Oprah or get his own television show opposite Dr. Phil. Where did Dr. Raimondo get his medical degree anyway? Was it a reputable school here in the states or some fly-by-night quack operation running out of a beach resort in the Grand Caymans?
Keep watching us paleos: we're watching you Likudniks, too....
Fellow war supporters, you better be updating your copies of Ad-aware to make sure Raimondo and his ilk do not have spy-ware monitoring what we read e-mail to our Vast Neo-Con Conspiracy (I'm having that trademarked). It sounds paranoid, and we really shouldn't be very worried. Come on. Do you actually think people that look like this and who drone on and on about Israel controlling U.S. foreign policy are capable of serious computer cracking? Raimondo looks more likely to be caught with mounds and mounds of child porn than cracking into computers.

Then there's the reference to "Likudniks." When it comes to a (relatively) free country being attacked by terrorists from a neighbor who have many ties to leaders of that area then I'll back the attacked country. I'll support an Israel that doesn't deserve to have its citizens be targets for homicide bombs no matter how many examples Palestinian sympathizers offer of Israeli oppression. This isn't a question of liking Jews over Arabs. If the tables were turned and Palestinians were being targeted by Israeli terrorists, I guess I'd be an "Arafat-nik." If Arafat and the Palestinian Authority was serious and/or had the capability to destroy Hamas and Islamic Jihad peace would have a better chance. That doesn't make me some Jew-lover. It makes me someone who knows who are the instigators and the victims instead of clouding one's judgement with quasi-anti-semitism.

Justin buddy, if you want engage in a serious debate I'll use the words of American hero Todd Beamer, "Let's roll!"

P.S. This isn't the first time Raimondo has gone after minor webloggers. Last year, he went after Fredrik Norman. Fredrik is interning at AEI, a think tank filled with neo-cons. *Gasp* Raimondo's conspiracy theories just might be right.

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