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August 22, 2003

Flash Mob No Go

Last night Milwaukee was to have joined New York, London, and other cities in hosting a flash mob. The surprise was it didn't happen.

It was to occur last night at Jazz in the Park at Cathedral Square. Participants were to pretend to ride Harley-Davidson motorcycles and make the motorcycle sound "potato potato potato" (fitting since the 100th anniversary bash is this weekend). Then they were to disperse.

Unlike other flash mobs, this one was known beforehand in the Journal Sentinel and on WTMJ radio. The media did just what I did and joined the Milwaukee flash mob Yahoo! group. A local news station even had a camera crew at Cathedral Square doing a countdown. A backup plan and a backup plan to the backup plan were put together. But only a few people showed up so the flash mob organizer canceled.

The organizer will try again at another time.

"Flash Mob Rumored to Act out Downtown"

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