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September 03, 2003

Life Stories

Opposing the death penalty is difficult. My position means I support the continued incarceration of horrible people at the taxpayers' expense. But needless killing of human beings coarsens us. That said, I'm pleased with the overturning of over 100 death sentences out west.

"Judges' Rulings Imposing Death Are Overturned"


In Florida, Catholic bishops spoke out against killing Terri Schindler Schiavo by having her feeding tube removed. The bishops then made some important distinctions on when to continue treatment and when to withhold it:

Just as we are concerned for Terri Schiavo, we are also concerned for others who are weak and vulnerable. There is an inherent danger in assuming that food and water can simply be withheld without clearly knowing a patientís wishes. There is reason to be circumspect and ever careful in these cases. We reject outright the euthanasia movement and its utilitarian standard that some lives are not worth living. Every life is precious and unrepeatable.

And finally, we remember there are times when one may refuse treatment that will result in a precarious and burdensome prolongation of life. Properly, this may be seen as an expression of our hope in the life to come. Let each of us communicate ahead of time with our families and loved ones, our wishes for treatment at the end of our lives. To do so will give great comfort to them in an emotionally stressful time.

"Florida Bishops Reject 'Euthanasia' in Terri Schiavo Case"

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