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October 21, 2003

Critics Bear Responsiblity

Andrea Harris doesn't think weblogging critics of Easterbrook bear any responsibility for his firing from ESPN:

What, we aren't to say anything about someone's stupidity for fear they might get fired? It was one thing to be cautious when someone's life was possibly on the line (remember peoples' fears about Salam Pax when Saddam was still in power?); it's another thing to insist we worry about every media writer's job. The media is a shark pond; if you get careless you'll get eaten. If Easterbrook didn't know it then, he knows it now. If that sounds heartless of me, too bad. Sometimes baby needs to get burnt before he learns not to touch the stove.

So because Gregg is a professional writer critics don't have to be intellectually honest and consider posts within a context? How about if Gregg were an amateur writer who got fired for an ill-worded post? My problem with Gregg's critics is that they shot from the hip and declared him an anti-Semite even though he has no history of anti-Semitism. That's intellectually dishonest, and those critics should be loudly condemned.

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