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October 22, 2003

Bringing the Revolution Home

Evan Coyne Maloney has balls of steel. He filmed parts of a Palestinian conference at Rutgers. He had to endure being called a Zionist and Mossad agent as well as subtle threats ("Are you nervous?"). His post is amazing, but his video is outstanding.

Those people at the rally who cheered, "Long live the Intifada!" felt like "true believers" who would do just about anything for their cause. Would they try to bring the Intifada to the U.S.? Should we expect Palestinian sympathizers to strap on a vest filled with plastic explosives, walk into a crowded shopping mall, and blow themselves up? Bringing the revolution to America isn't new. A group of white, radical college students in the 60s did just that. They were the Weathermen. I hope and pray we don't ever endure a murderous rampage from kids intent of demonstrating their radical street cred.

"Return of the Weathermen"

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