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November 07, 2003

Scholars are Doomed!

My fantasy football team, the Crazy Cooters is the first team in the Webloggers League to break the 1000 point mark. You'd think I'd be comfortably in first place. Uh, no. While players like Payton Manning and Torry Holt play so well week after week, a Ph.D. in the land of the Vikings (oh the insult!) has ripped off eight wins in a row. Last week, I pummeled my arch nemesis and high school buddy so, the chase is on for the league title.

King, you might as well quit now. You may have some secret econometric technique to pick an optimum line-up, but it's no match for one who writes a weekly fantasy football column. You may be ahead of me right now, you haven't beaten me yet. Our showdown is only weeks away. I hope you have plenty of sleepless nights until then.

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