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November 18, 2003

Southern Dem Primaries

Michael Van Winkle argues that Howard the Duck, M.D. should abandon the Iowa caucuses and worry about Weasley Clark in South Carolina. His scenerio is plausible, but I just don't see any buzz from the Clark campaign. He lost all his momentum with his ridiculous waverings on Iraq and his campaign's rejection of the grassroots movement that gave him so much buzz in the first place.

For Clark to stop Howard Dean in the South, you have to assume Duck, M.D.'s confederate flag remark alienated Southern Democrats, not just average voters. I just don't think there are that many Zell Millers left down there. Over the past 20+ years those Southern conservative Democrats have switched parties. By default, those left are more liberal which should help Duck, M.D.

"Forget Iowa: A New Strategy For Howard Dean"

UPDATE: Duck, M.D. isn't taking Van Winkle's advice. His campaign started running ads aimed at Gephardt.

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