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December 08, 2003

Out of Touch with Reality

Professor Bainbridge has discovered this wacked-out statement from one of the paleolibertarians writing for Mises Blog:

However, I'll never understand the leaners and their support of hegemony, war, and false phraseology such as the "war on terrorism." That's the stuff that separates the wheat from the chaff, and ultimately, freedom from chains.

Bainbridge responds:
I'll concede that I'm still not sure the Iraq War was a good idea, but how can you call the war on terror "false phraseology"? Did she sleep through 9/11?

I'm guessing in the author's mind the United States' interventionist foreign policy brought on those horrible attacks. The War on Terrorism (a very imprecise term rather than "false phraseology") then is an effort to clean up the mess while at the same time growing the state. I'm also guessing that the author's solution to the Islamist threat is simply to bring all our troops home and hope the rest of world would simply want to trade freely with the U.S. Seeing how apart from reality this view is is obvious.

Remember, even though this writing is written under Ludwig von Mises' name, it may not truly represent his beliefs. What this thinking does represent is Murray Rothbardian anarcho-capitalism. This point is reinforce by this post from Robert Prather.

TMLutas agrees with the author about false phraseology but acknowledges "there is an honest and proper case to be made in the practical world for the policies that are grouped under the War on Terror and which can be supported on libertarian grounds."

"The Mises Bloggers are Stark Raving Nuts"

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