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January 04, 2004

Live from Lambeau


What a game! What a game! Both Seattle and Green Bay did a good job stopping each other's running game. Packers running back Ahman Green ran for only 66 yards and two short touchdowns while Seattle's Shawn Alexander ran for a mere 45 yards and three short touchdowns. Even with both teams' running games shut down, there was offense. Both Brett Favre and Matt Hasselbeck threw for over 300 yards. The big difference was Brett threw for a touchdown without turning it over, while Matt, Brett's one-time understudy, didn't find the end zone and gave up a game-winning interception for a touchdown to cornerback Al Harris.

It was a long, satisfying day. Next stop for the Pack, Philadelphia. The next stop for me, bed. Expect more pictures after some much-needed sleep. Dreams of touchdown passes and interceptions will be dancing in my head.

Thanks, Michele! Your voodoo worked!

"Pick-ture Perfect"

UPDATE: I have to make this quick because I'm really tired. Citizen Smash loves his TiVo (find me an owner who doesn't) because it helped him fast-forward through the dead time during the game.


There is also this short story on Nathan Poole's guest appearance at today's game. Prediction: One day, he will be a Green Bay Packer.

"Poole Receives Key to Green Bay"


Finally, (need sleep, must sleep!) there was a sign at the game that read (I'm paraphrasing): "The only thing Vikings fear more than choking is drowning in a Poole."

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