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January 07, 2004

Duck Hunt #1


The new year brings a gimick to TAM. Kevin started a weekly bonfire, there are a couple of carnivals floating around the blogosphere, James gives you a daily D.C. traffic report, Kate does her best Sesame Street impersonation, and Steven lets us know which Democratic candidates have gone past "golden brown" to "burnt to a crisp." My creation is the Duck Hunt. A quick glance at the graphic above should make it obvious that this is all about the Democratic candidate I most love to pick on: Howard Dean, M.D. This is where I'll be collecting other webloggers' posts on the former governor of Vermont.

In this issue we have:

Now that you get the drift of what the Duck Hunt is all about, you can join in. If you have an MT-powered weblog, just trackback to this post, and it will appear below. If your weblog software is incapable of trackbacks (shame, shame) use Kevin's Trackback Form.

Now, let's go hunting!

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