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January 21, 2004

Duck Hunt #7


The post-Iowa dust has settled. The conventional wisdom is Dr. Duck is nuts, he'll lose New Hampshire, and then he'll return to Vermont to yell at Ben & Jerry's employees for mixing Cherry Garcia with Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. I'll be generous is saying that Dean for America as well as the Duck Hunt are on life support. Howard, quit thinking about yourself and get competitive again. Don't do it for your cult following. Do it for this humble weblogger. Go, Duck, Go!

  • Steven Taylor puts it gently: "Dean Looks Lost." [Does anyone know if there's a recording of Dr. Duck singing the National Anthem?]
  • Dean Esmay tells us why he didn't buy the Net hype:
    this "Howard Dean's running a different kind of campaign" stuff is horse manure. Why? Because Pat Buchanan was doing all that in the early 1990s, virtually exactly the same way, in his attempt to win the Republican nomination. His only difference was web sites and internet listservs, rather than weblogs.
  • Dean has another entry. Late, but powerful. He urges a closer look at the Dr. Duck's raft of weblog commenters who the campaign considers to be heart of the campaign.
  • Michele covers Howard the Duck's public "Angry White Male" meltdown.
  • Jon Chait posts two e-mails from Duck, M.D. defectors. I wonder how bummed he is that his Dean-bashing weblog might also die a quick death.
  • Erick Erickson discovered Duck, M.D. was awfully strange before his Monday-night meltdown.
  • Stephen Green found David Letterman's top-ten analysis for why Dean lost.
  • The Duck, M.D. youth movement failed in Iowa. PunchtheBag writes, "Now we know how Gen-Xers got the nickname slackers."
  • A guest poster at A Small Victory posted a good joke:
    Q: Why did Howard Dean cross the road?

    A: to get to California! And North Dakota! And New Mexico! And Texas! And New York! And New Hampshire! And South Carolina! And Coruscant! And Mordor! And Trantor! And Rhode Island! Yeeeaaagh!

  • Duck, M.D.'s ranting quacking has become a blogosphere game. Michele, Tim Blair, and the Commissar all have their fun.
  • ScrappleFace has fun with the scream, Dr. Duck's weblog hype, and his opinion of Iowans.
    Finally, we have a battle of the bands: James Lileks vs. a Deaniac from Georgia.

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