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January 22, 2004

Duck Interview

I caught the Diane Sawyer interview with the Dr. Duck and his wife.

Here are some explanations from Dr. Duck for his very weird moment last Monday:

  • He wanted to make his supporters "feel they did their work." [They didn't because Duck, M.D. lost...badly.]

  • "I was having a great time."

  • "I'm not a perfect person."

  • "I do things that are a little nutty."

  • "I am who I am." [Which is why he shouldn't be President.]

Dean, M.D. admits the scene "wasn't Presidential." His wife Dr. Judy Steinberg "thought it looked kind of silly."

Howard the Duck was self-deprecating. How could he not be and still appear to be in control of his faculties? He laughed and smiled about the incident.

I was disappointed at Diane Sawyer's emphasis on Dr. Steinberg not being on the campaign trail. That's not been an issue here at TAM, nor did I notice that concern in the zeitgeist of Dr. Duck.

Duck, M.D. blames the media for making his insurgent campaign more dominating than it really was. He told Sawyer, "I knew we were never the front-runner." He called the Dean "juggernaut" a "creation of the media." Funny, the campaign didn't try to play down things when Time, Newsweek, and U.S. News put him on their front covers. His was the campaign that bragged about how they are using the Internet to raise money and organize followers like no campaign did before. Duck, M.D. and his gang raised more money, faster than any other Democratic Presidential candidate in history. He was on such a roll he decided not to accept federal-matching funds to not stop the fundraising machine. These guys believed the hype, and they crashed down to reality last Monday.

I haven't seen tonight's debate, so I can't connect the effects from all of Dr. Duck's free media. Just from the Sawyer interview, I find the two Deans to be a happy couple. They appear to deeply love each other and their family. That's fine to know if they're your next-door neighbors. However, Dr. Duck wants to be President of the United States. Admiting you "do things that are a little nutty" and stating plainly, "I am who I am" probably won't engender confidence in primary voters.

UPDATE: The always good Betsy linked to the story on the ABC News website. It's not great damage control when the story is titled "'Iím a Human Beingí". She also notes (along with Political Wire) that Duck, M.D. did David Letterman's Top Ten List tonight.

UPDATE II: Matthew Stinson wonders if the scream was Duck, M.D.'s "Gennifer Flowers moment."

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