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January 28, 2004

Carnival of the Vanities #71

By hosting this week's Carnival I've learned two things: 1. This is a lot of work; 2. There are some great weblogs I've never heard of. My thanks go to everyone who has made this possible. Next week's Carnival will be at A Perfectly Cromulent Blog.

And away we go...

Arnold Williams examines President Bush's faith-based initiatives.

Dr. Notions tells the story of Push Wood Johnny.

Peter Salomon turned the Democratic primary season into a bad reality tv show.

Dan K. O'Leary rants about what annoyed him in 2003.

Norbizness turns the State of the Union address into an SAT question.

Erick Erickson calls shows featuring homosexuals to be "overhyped."

Carnival newbie homicidalmaniak (welcome) discusses how religion fits with her politics.

Gary Cruse figures the U.S. missed its chance to take out North Korea's nukes. Now, starvation is withering away both the government and any possible resistence.

Doug Payton tries to warm up a cold winter day with a post on global warming.

Jess has a funny story about an encounter with a Senator in the bathroom.

Jonathan Wilde views the State of the Union as pro wrestling.

Bill Adams responds to Wesley Clark pulling rank on John Kerry.

Madeleine Begun Kane offers us a SOTU crossword puzzle.

Andrew Ian Dodge gives us non-Brits a peak inside the wild and wooly House of Commons.

Ed Brayton dives into the weighty subject of human nature.

Jennifer Lopez and Spider Man. Justene Adamec has the scoop.

Alex offers a baseball metaphor to describe his relationships.

Patterico lays into two prominent newspapers for their extreme political correctness.

Sticking with political correctness, PC Watch translates edu-speak into English.

John Ray links Hitler with Paul Ehrlich because both were concerned about overpopulation.

Bussorah jokes about the afterlife.

Carey notes that the BBC is buying Google ads as damage control.

Diversity in the university is like watching sausage being made as John points out.

Patriot Paradox comments on the SOTU.

Edward "E.J." Davis at etalkinghead thinks Howard Dean, M.D. still has a chance to win the nomination.

Aunty Goob comments on an Internet sales tax hitting Tennessee next January.

Da Goddess tells the story of how she became a nurse.

Northstar documents his "first annual hockey pilgrimage to Dallas."

Harvey found the secret of the universe on a dollar bill.

Peaktalk think he's found Canada's Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Gunther posts some Bushisms.

The menstral cycle and the military. I'll let Ema explain.

Simon comments on Hong Kong's Basic Law.

Goldie is too young to reminisce, but she does anyway.

Kathy Kinsley suggests requiring school uniforms for France instead of banning Hijab.

Josh Cohen is smokin'.

James Joyner defends Sen. John Kerry's anti-war protesting.

Pietro notes what Democratic Presidential candidates said soon after David Kay's revelations.

Boifromtroy points out that Wonkette could just as easily be published from New York City.

Feste finds that the road to cheaper prescription drugs might not go through Canada.

Bodies and power. Ted K. has the details.

Jack of the Obvious at the King of Fools parses dating through Zork.

Kevin covers a raid that ended with two convictions for posessing ten tracer rounds.

Goofy zero tolerance policy is the subject of Jim Peacock's post.

The Interested-Participant reports a group of homeless won a lawsuit and pocketed $1000.

Gregory Markle of American RealPolitik gives some coverage to the unknown candidates for the Democratic Presidential nomination.

The RoguePundit makes a case for farm subsidies.

Stephen Silver rips on the Village Voice.

LibertyBlog looks at the David Kay revelations.

Joe Kelley takes issue with ditching the honor roll.

Dave reports on a teachers' protest to the No Child Left Behind Act.

Phil celebrates 20 years of the Mac.

Abnu posts on birds who say more than "Polly want a cracker."

Hot wheels are the subject of Jeff Quinton's post.

Drake gazes into his crystal ball to devine the next few weeks of the Democratic race.

Bill comments on the Internet echo chamber.

Larry the Liberal take over Semi-Intelligent Thoughts and replies to the SOTU.

The Commissar accuses the U.S. of lying about war causalties, and I just chuckled. Read the post, and you will too.

Chuck daydreams.

Josh Fielek visits hell.

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