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March 10, 2004

Kerry's House of Ketchup #3


Welcome to another edition. We have almost eight months of campaigning to put up with but already the gloves are off. President Bush let loose his first barrage of ads, and Sen. Kerry's Democratic allies went balistic. They complained Bush was "exploiting" Sep. 11, but these are the same types that had no problems using a racial murder in Texas to tar Bush [via The Chicago Report].

The big news today (to me) was the big meeting between Kerry and Dean, M.D. Dr. Duck's statement after the meeting was as boring as a political statement could be. What most struck me was Duck, M.D. not backing away from his bombastic campaign rhetoric. At one point Dean, M.D. said, "I think Senator Kerry is clearly not the person to carry the banner of the Democratic Party because he has acted so much like a Republican". No recanting today. Going from zero to hero back to zero took so much energy out of the doctor. Oh, and by the way, Kerry called Republicans "crooked." Will Collier has a great response.

Now, onto the blogosphere:

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