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March 13, 2004

TAM Endorses Barrett

Next month, Milwaukee voters will chose its next mayor. After last month's primary the choices are either Tom Barrett, a former Congressman who never saw a tax increase he didn't vote for or acting mayor (by way of John Norquist's resignation) Marvin Pratt who is now being investigated for problems with his campaign funds. What a decision: either a liberal tax-and-spender or a guy who could be indicted after the election.

Milwaukee is the most important city in Wisconsin. What's good for Milwaukee is usually good for the rest of the state. It's safe to say we all want a vibrant as an economic and cultural center. Neither Barrett nor Pratt are politicians I would ever vote for if running alone, but in this case they're not. For conservatives and non-liberals in Milwaukee it's a choice of picking the lesser of two evils. If I had to pick a candidate, I'd vote for Barrett. I do so because I know what I'd be getting: a Lefty career politician. However, he's been honest during his career. With Pratt there's too many storm clouds over his head. If Pratt were to win the election then be charged with mishandling his campaign account that would create chaos in city government. We'd all watch to see how long Pratt would try to resist the pressure to resign. When he did, there would be another election.

Another reason to back Barrett is Pratt's lack of fiscal responsibility. It's obvious Milwaukee's first black mayor can't manage his own campaign. If he can't handle his own campaign's finances why should he be trusted with the budget of a major American city? Barrett gets TAM's endorsement, lukewarm though it is.

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