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March 25, 2004

Kerry's House of Ketchup #5


March Madness not only hit the basketball court but also Sen. Kerry's tomato-filled campaign. He took a break from campaigning and "meeting" with his foreign backers to ski. It was weird enough seeing a 60-year old man snowboarding, (but not weirder than an 80-year old man skydiving) but then we find out he called one of his Secret Service agents an "expletive" (to use the NY Times' word) for knocking him over on the slopes. Now, on to the posts.

  • Eric the Viking Pundit points out that Kerry is a bad Catholic.
  • Bill Hobbs found out Kerry has a math problem--common ailment for most politicians. If Sen. Bob Graham gets the VP nod, then we could have the most inumerate ticket in American political history.
  • For our enlightenment and to reaffirm our belief in the existence of a liberal media Ricky at North Georgia Dogma linked to this testimony of a Kerry coaching session.
  • Dick Morris, like him or not, is willing to make bold predictions. James Joyner comments on his claim that we'll see a blowout in November.
  • Using Spain as an example, Pietro illustrates why Kerry's "justice and intelligence" approach to terrorism won't make America safer.
  • Sing along with Charles Austin to a lovely rendition of "JohnKerryVille." [via Michele]
  • Michele then earns herself a link with this rip on Kerry's public statement priorities.
  • Jeff Goldstein, Mr. Protein Wisdom, gets my pity link. I forgot to get his series "Candid Kerry" into KHoK #4. Read them all. Sorry, Jeff. Hope I made it up to you.
  • Robert Bidinotto gives us plenty of Kerry nuggets to help us better know the Massachusetts Senator. [via Vodka Pundit]
  • Betsy noticed that Kerry may be squeezing as much as he can out of his Vietnam veteran past, but during the Senate hearing that first made him famous, he called American soldiers murderers. As an added bonus, Kerry might have broken the law during the peace talks.
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