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April 09, 2004

Kerry's House of Ketchup #7


It's awkward engaging in a bit of partisan frivolity while our boys and girls are risking their lives to bring peace, stability, and liberty to Iraq. Our troops aren't just fighting for Iraqi freedom, they protecting us as well. A stable, free Iraq will reduce the threats against the U.S. In a roundabout way, our soldiers are fighting to make sure we continue to have the ability to choose our leaders. Pray for them in this time of struggle. Now, on to the entries.

  • For a moment, Sen. Kerry was sympathetic towards Iraqi radical al-Sadr.
  • Heinz Co. is tired of being picked on even though John Kerry and Teresa Heinz Kerry have nothing to do with the operations of the condiment giant.
  • In a Pennsylvania poll, Kerry's numbers have dropped like a rock (or keystone?).
  • Rosemary found Kerry is promising to think about breaking his campaign promises. It's all that "nuance."
  • Robert Prather looks at the same story and thinks Kerry is doing the politically smart thing by promoting spending caps.
  • More "nuance." This time on steel tariffs. For Kerry, campaigning is like playing with a daisy while saying, "I'm for it; I'm for it not."
  • Steve Verdon notes that Kerry is not nuanced enough when it comes to high gasoline prices. (Steve gets bonus points for his "Somebody should tell Kerry not to snort so much ketchup" line.)
  • To prove I'm an equal opportunity linker, here's Ed Cone on why Kerry needs a serious Iraq and terrorism plan.
  • Mark Kleiman dreams about a speech he wishes Kerry would give.
  • A French-born medical anthropologist thinks Kerry will lose because he's too French. Clotaire Rapaille recommends the Massachusetts Senator "Go to K-Mart, buy jeans and cowboy boots... Dress like you are going into a bar in Kansas to drink from the bottle." Sen. Kerry, please take his advice. Please.
  • Kerry might be as bad as Bob Graham when it comes to numbers.
  • Prof. Bainbridge discovered Kerry's plan for more fireman is a boondoggle.
  • James Lileks gets his first HoK link for his response to Kerry's MTV appearance. [via Ranck and File]
  • Eric the Viking Pundit gives notice that a weasley MoveOn.org guy has joined Kerry's campaign.
  • Jim the Unix Dude gives us a tour of John Kerry's homes.
  • Kerry is making sense on Iraq. Oops wrong Kerrey.
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