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April 09, 2004

The Widows' Tale

These Sept. 11 widows expected their leaders, normal human beings, to act in superhuman ways. Through all the chatter and constant threats against the U.S. somehow Condi, Tenet, Rumsfeld, and Bush should have immediately concluded that al Qaeda was behind the first plane hitting the WTC. They shouldn't have taken any time to evaluate the present situation. Instead, they should have instantly known it was a terrorist attack. Like much of the public, these women expect godlike efforts from their leaders but are enticed by the "average Joe" they can relate to when they step into the voting booth.

But even granting their demand for extraordinary prescience, what could anyone have done after the first plane hit? From my recollection, the attacks happened within an hour of each other. Planes in the air could have been warned that they might be hijacked, but by then the plane that hit the second tower was under terrorist control. Maybe the passengers could have fought back like Todd Beamer et al did over Pennsylvania. Maybe the pilots could have crashed their planes before hitting the second tower and the Pentagon. That's as much "coulda' shoulda'" as what the widows are throwing at the administration. These women are hurting and displaying their pain publically. Their expectations of perfection only infame partisan bickering. Their crusade is doing little to actually make America safer.

"A Lack Of Credibility"

UPDATE: Jay Solo has a good reply to the grandstanding by attendees at Condi's hearing.

[Added to OTB's Beltway Traffic Jam.]

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