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May 18, 2004

Gone Off the Deep End

As if the Sept. 11 committee could stoop any lower they bashed NYC police and fire chiefs. It sounded like a lot of "coulda' shoulda' woulda'" Monday morning quarterbacking. All the while familes of Sept. 11 victims hooted and hollered.

Why should we take this inquiry seriously? Commissioners have plopped themselves in front of a television camera any chance they've gotten. They let Richard Clarke practically sell his book in front of them. They ignored the obvious conflict of interest of Commissioner Gorelick. And now they let the victims families act like they're watching a witch trial.

The Sept. 11 commission was suppose to help the public and the government learn what went wrong and what can be done to prevent future attacks. What it has ended up becoming is a disgraceful example of how not to run an investigation.

"9/11 Panel Scolds Ex-Police, Fire Chiefs"

"Hearings or Spanish Inquisition?"

UPDATE: Jeff Jarvis isn't happy either. [via InstaPundit]

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