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June 21, 2004

Local Deaths

Pleasant Prairie might be the last place you would figure to hear about a murder, but something seems to be up:

Kevin Amde, 45, and his two sons, Tesla Amde, 3, and Davinci Amde, 6, all of Chicago, were discovered on Carol Beach in Pleasant Prairie. All three were found tethered together by a nylon rope, with knots tied in the front of their body.

But police revealed Sunday that two nylon book bags were tied to the bodies. Inside the bags were school books and two sealed plastic bags full of sand that weighed about 48 pounds. The added weight from the sand would make it difficult for anyone to stay afloat in deep water, authorities said.

This is a little odd to say the least, Pleasant Prairie is more of an outlet mall junction on the way to Illinois and it's not exactly a criminal hotbed.

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