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June 22, 2004

Super Contestant

Is anyone else raptly watching Jeopardy! everyday?

This Ken Jennings is something else. Today was his 15th day of winning. (That site might be a day behind or so.) A software engineer from Utah, he consistently is winning around $30,000 a day, and is quickly approaching $500,000 in total winnings.

It used to be you went 5 days and that was it; they gave you a check and the keys to a new car, and an invitation to the annual Tournament of Champions. Now, they took away the cars, but you can keep winning until you lose. And Ken shows no signs of losing.

It's interesting to watch... and a bit disheartening. I've wanted to be on Jeopardy! for years, but watching Ken I'm just blown away and afraid that if I did end up on the show, I'd be fodder like the rest of these folks who are taking him on each day.

I just was perusing the Jeopardy! site; they are doing, or have done, contestant searches in Minneapolis. Do I dare try? Are the Keegan's Irish Pub trivia geniuses at Fraters Libertas going to try out?

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