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July 08, 2004

Who's Hotter?

Forget issues for a moment. Take a break from debating the virtues of invading Iraq and whether correct national building is taking place. Ignore if taxes should be raised or lowered. Take a break from arguing the virtues of Social Security reform. This Maxim-ized TAM post asks an important question: "Who's hotter?"

The Kerry sisters


or the Bush twins?


For the record, Alexandra Kerry looks much better when her clothes aren't transparent.

UPDATE: Here's another (better) Bush twins photo. If you find some more of either set of women, let me know.


And Kevin at Wizbang is doing his Florida election impersonation and has the ballot.

UPDATE II: Drudge posted this picture of Jenna walking with her dad.


Now, we need some more Kerry sisters pics for balance.

UPDATE III: Here are more Bush twins photos, and am still looking for more Kerry sisters pics.

UPDATE IV: Tech Law Advisor sent me this nice pic of Jenna. Hello Kerry fans, I need some pics of Vanessa and Alexandra.


UPDATE V: Barbara has joined her father on the campaign trail.


UPDATE VI: I've posted the Bush twin Vogue photos. Nice. Very nice. I think we have a winner.

UPDATE VII: Wait! The Kerrys are back in the running with these shots from the DNC.

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