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July 26, 2004

Kerry's House of Ketchup #20

Kerry speaks.

Welcome to a special edition of Kerry's House of Ketchup. Normally to maintain the sanity of my readers and myself KHoK is published once a week. But this week we have the Democratic National Convention. Democratic dignitaries will be honored, the base fired up, and John Kerry will be unveiled to the American public. With so much media scribbling and yapping focused on the election the blogosphere is filled with related chatter. Thus, I have to give these links to you before they overflow my bookmarks folder. Enjoy.

  • A few Democratic candidates will not be spending all their time in Boston. They want to avoid being associated too much with the liberal Massachusetts Senator.

  • Here's the picture of that pizza joint owner who closed up shop until the convention is over.

  • On the eve of the convention, Andrew Sullivan offers an de facto Kerry endorsement.

  • John Kerry certainly knows how to rake in the dough. Steven Taylor notes that the press weren't so lauditory when President Bush was raising record amounts of money.

  • Teresa Heinz Kerry blew her top. Oliver Willis think it's understandable.

  • The Evangelical Outpost theorizes Clintons and the timing of Sloppy Sandy's investigation discovery. Maybe Berger was covering up for his own inadequacies?

  • Kerry jokingly called for abolishing the New York Yankees.

  • Journalists and baseball historians are trying to find out who "Manny Ortez." John Kerry is a big fan of his. But is favorite Red Sox player of all time is Eddie Yost, a man who never played for the team and was really good at drawing walks.

  • Team Bush struck at a Kerry event in Ohio.

  • The Kerry Edwards website has turned into a memory hole. Someone contact Stephen Hawking!

  • I hope Snoop Dog is never seen on the Bush-Cheney weblog.

  • Allah made a poster for Kerry Edwards.

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[Thanks go to the John F. Kerry Media Relations Center for the Sen. Zoop's "voice." Cheap gimmick not endorsed by Glenn Reynolds.]

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