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July 28, 2004

Edwards' Speech

I wonder what the strongly anti-war delegates thought when hearing these words from Sen. John Edwards:

John understands personally about fighting in a war. And he knows what our brave men and women are going through in another war -- the war in Iraq.

The human cost and extraordinary heroism of this war, it surrounds us. It surrounds us in our cities and towns. And we will win this war because of the strength and courage of our own people.

and how about these words:

We will double our Special Forces, and invest in the new equipment and technologies so that our military remains the best equipped and best trained in the world. This will make our military stronger so we're able to defeat every enemy in this new world.

The anti-war Deaniac pacifists must have been tearing their hair out. Their guys want more weapons programs. They must be hoping Kerry sticks to his voting record rather than what's stated in campaign speeches.

Kerry Edwards' foreign policy plan is whimsical. John-John assumes everything will be hunky-dory with France et al if Bush is booted. What makes them think the strong anti-war constituencies of those foreign lands will accept further involvement? What makes Kerry Edwards think the Iraqi insurgents will stop killing hostages that scare countries away? The U.N. has had plenty of opportunities to expand their Iraq presence. They've shyed away. Maybe those nations that were first opposed to Iraqi intervention would come around and help the U.S. But to assume it will happen is foolishness.

Suppose in the first term of a Kerry Edwards administration it was found Iran had a factory making nuclear weapons. Then suppose that even with all Kerry Edwards' diplomatic skills, France et al turned their heads and said, "Send in the inspectors"? Would a Kerry Edwards administration defy the will of the world and "unilaterally" (probably with Great Britain's help) attack? We have no idea, and because of that it shows the Democratic ticket isn't serious about defending America.

Chad Evans and James Joyner both comment on the speech. Steven Taylor writes, "I must say, I tire of this idea that most of us live on the brink of utter ruin." He then pops Edwards' "Two Americas" theme.

UPDATE: I have to link to Deacon's humorous take on the speech. "10:48 If you have stubbed your toe, help is on the way."

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