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July 30, 2004

Return of the Superfriends

I know nothing about Kerry's speech other than the convention gave the Dems a five-point lead in a Zogby poll. On the more interesting Iowa Electronic Markets Bush and Kerry are virtually dead even in the Presidential Vote Share Market, and Bush took back the lead in the Winner Takes All Market. There's no big convention bounce in the markets, but they might not react the same way to conventions as polls do. We'd need to look at how the markets reacted in previous elections.

What did catch my eye was this picture of the Kerry Edwards team.


Notice the smug grin on Edwards, the defensive stance by Teresa, and the weird frat-boy pointing by Kerry. They look like a team ready to take on the bad guys. They may think they're The Avengers--remember Florida--but they're really the Superfriends. Not those, these


"Zogby Poll Shows Democratic Ticket Up 5 Points"

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