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August 05, 2004

Kerry's House of Ketchup #22

Kerry speaks.

Welcome to the bounce-less edition of Kerry's House of Ketchup. The "Duel in Davenport" never materialized, but Kerry did end up looking corny. That's good that nothing happened because the "Maurauding in Milwaukee" made Bush supporters look like twits, Kerry backers like thugs, and Teresa like that hysterical woman on Airplane.

Some Washington Post reporters watched Kerry's acceptance speech with undecided voters. Here's how the reporters put the reaction: "When it ended, they all said they liked what they saw and now will consider him seriously as a candidate -- although none said he closed the deal." Boston Globe columnist Thomas Oliphant wrote, "Kerry essentially blew an opportunity."

Since Kerry officially has the nomination, he can only use the $75 million of public funds to run his campaign. President Bush can continue to spend from his massive war chest until he accepts public funds in September. But don't feel sorry for Kerry. The Democratic Party will be spending millions for Kerry, and then there are those Soros-funded 527s. Plus there's that Bush-bashing concert tour.

Reuters found some Republicans who will be voting for Kerry. When will they run a story on Democrats (other than Zell Miller) backing Bush?

As for the economic benefits of the DNC convention in Boston: there weren't any. In other economic news, the Bush recession (which actually started under Clinton) may not have been a recession in the first place.

In an interview the day after accepting the nomination, John Kerry said he preferred that a captured Osama bin Laden be tired in an American court. Me, I prefer he not make it out of his cave alive. He also reiterated his belief that human life begins at conception but doesn't have the gumption to turn that into pro-life policy.

When it comes to the polls one things for sure. Kerry got a very weak bounce out of the convention. Looking at KHoK's favorite measuring stick, the Iowa Electronic Markets, Bush's lead over Kerry has increased since the convention in both markets. [For further discussion on how good these prediction markets can be, read B. K. Marcus' essay.]

Behold! The links:

  • The endless drone about his service in Vietnam may bite John Kerry in the tush. It's not well known, but lots of men that served with Kerry think little of him. There's also an ad.

  • James Joyner found lots of blogosphere reaction to the speech. He did the work so I don't have to. He also found a bunch of comparisons to Kerry's salute.

  • Despite James' work, I must point out this quote from Lefty weblogger Matthew Yglesias: "To put it politely, I thought that was crap."

  • Kerry Edwards: the team that will unite the "Two Americas" gets a close-up look and decides to order out.

  • A paranoid Kerry spokesman, knowing how embarassing the bunny suit photos are, told Fox News the pictures were leaked.

  • Kerry's said a lot about what he'd do if elected, but all the good, juicy stuff is secret.

  • Professor Bainbridge's post reminds me of the adage: "Nobody ever got a job from a poor man."

  • Jonah Goldberg realizes that Kerry's constitutional philosophy with regards to gay marriage is incoherent. Or is it just nuanced?

  • Pat reminds us that in Kerry Edwards World (far different than Bushworld) alliances don't really exist unless France and Germany are a part of it.

  • Donald Sensing noticed one omission in Kerry's acceptance speech. I'll note another: abortion.

  • Matthew Hoy's post points out a huge flaw in Kerry's foreign policy. What if the countries opposed to U.S. action reject Kerry's overtures?

  • Kevin Holtsberry finds Kerry's foreign policy promises to be unserious because they don't "take into consideration the reality on the ground."

  • Robert Clayton Dean predicts a small Bush victory.

  • Oh god! Kerry Edwards just published a policy book. Snooze.

  • When you're done with that (if you get done) the American Conservative Union has a Kerry book of their own.

  • Lisa doesn't need someone like Teresa Heinz Kerry to be a role model.

  • You know we're knee-deep in the silly season when a NY Times reporter actually wrote a story on the possiblity of Kerry dumping Teresa[via The Agitator]. [Me bad. I wasn't paying enough attention and didn't know this was a parody.]

  • Steven Taylor thought up a good bumper sticker for Kerry Edwards.

  • John Kerry, the video game. If only it was available for the GameCube.

  • Alexandra Kerry's mentioning that Kerry saved her hamster reminded me of this.

  • But wait! We also have the Kerry Hamster dance. [via a small victory]

  • I'll give the Kerry fans some ammunition. Bush won the bobblehead vote.

  • WARNING CHEAP SHOT: Kerry throws like a girl (or a Frenchman).

  • For a good time visit the Kerry Fairy.

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[Thanks go to the John F. Kerry Media Relations Center for the Sen. Zoop's "voice." Cheap gimmick not endorsed by Glenn Reynolds.]

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