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August 26, 2004

Kerry's House of Ketchup #24

Kerry speaks.

And August is supposed to be a slow news month. Maybe it is, and that's why so many of us are all over John Kerry's four-month stay in Vietnam. The GOP convention starts in a few days with Kerry's new Band of Brothers ready with counter-zingers to a tightly-scripted media event.

New polls show Bush is on the ups. As usual, KHoK is interested in what the Iowa Electronic Markets think. Kerry has taken a steep dive in the Presidential Winner Take All Market and in the Presidential Vote Share Market. The SwiftVets just might be doing damage.

Remember some guy named John Edwards and how was the answer to the Kerry campaign? He's vaporized into the background noise like all Vice Presidential candidates do.

Let's see what some of the blogosphere thinks:

  • Along with siccing lawyers on the the SwiftVets with an FEC complaint, Kerry's defended himself by going on The Daily Show (and here).

  • Erick Erickson is correct that asking for lots of debates isn't a sign of a candidate's confidence.

  • You know Kerry's losing when one of his spinners went off the deep end. (Is she a former Deaniac? That would explain it.)

  • Tutakai examines the Democrats' new appreciation for John Kerry's Vietnam War past and how the press has let them get away with it.

  • At Bastard Sword there's a really, really long piece on the events of 03.13.1969.

  • The letter Max Cleland tried to deliver to President Bush is at odds with John Kerry, the anti-war protester.

  • Two more war heroes speak up against Kerry.

  • Petrified Truth finds Kerry eagerly jumping to a conclusion while those who have deeply studied the issue come to a conclusion that's completely different.

  • Either Kerry lives in a parallel universe or he committed a Bushism. Where's Slate when you need them? Although Kerry could try the parallel universe theory to explain Christmas in Cambodia.

  • James Joyner delightfully fisks Eleanor "McLaughlin Group Punching Bag" Cliff on her attack on the SwiftVets.

  • SwiftVet ad #4?

  • In an example of overly-heated rhetoric, Catholic Kerry supporters compared President Bush to the anti-Christ.

  • Political Wire links to Dick Meyer who tries to smear both Bush Presidents.

  • Varifrank is done writing about Kerry but notes, "You sir, are a loser. You will go down in history as the man who made Dukakis look good."

  • "Seared" is a common word in Kerry's vocabulary.

  • The War Liberal wonders what's in Heinz ketchup and created a new double entendre. I'll never look at that condiment in the same way again.

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[Thanks go to the John F. Kerry Media Relations Center for the Sen. Zoop's "voice." Cheap gimmick not endorsed by Glenn Reynolds.]

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