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September 03, 2004

More on the "Booing"

I just talked with my sister who was also at the Bush rally today. She didn't hear any booing when Bush mentioned Clinton. She saw and heard people around her mumbling. Whether is was negative or just wondering what happen to him, she doesn't know. Is there one person who will step forward and claim he heard booing?

From the first-hand reports and the audio, the AP really blew it. (I also better get some help because I'm hearing things.) Not offering a retraction or correction this many hours after the event goes way beyond sloppy journalism. It's malpractice.

"The Associated Press Makes It Up"

UPDATE: Here's a mission for some enterprising TAM reader: call up the AP's Milwaukee office tomorrow and ask who was assigned to cover the Bush rally. If they won't tell you, politely ask for their supervisor. Like poor customer service departments, find someone who can help you. Then find out who the reporter was and when a very public correction will be published. Here's the info for the Milwaukee bureau:

918 N. 4th St.
Milwaukee WI 53203-1506
(414) 225-3580
225-3599 Fax

I'd do it, but I'm working tomorrow. I'm pretty sure my boss wouldn't want me to be doing investigative reporting on Barnes & Noble's time.

"Booing the AP"

UPDATE II: The Journal Sentinel had two reporters covering the rally. Neither of them mention any boos. They noticed what lines got the most applause so we should be confident they were really paying attention.

"Bush Vows to Win Wisconsin"

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