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September 08, 2004

Conservatism is "Thought Disorder"

It's hard to have a discussion with an ideology that that thinks its opponents have a "thought disorder." Here's a small portion of famed playwright, Tony Kushner's anti-Bush play Only We Who Guard the Mystery Shall Be Unhappy:

TONY KUSHNER: Maybe all liberalism and progressivism and left-leaning politics are pathological but I would argue less maladaptive and delusional than, say, well, your politics, or rather your husband's — since no one knows what yours really are, which is why I find you so fascinating, it's——

LAURA BUSH: Oh you know what mine are, don't be so fascinated, you snoop, mine are just a whole lot like his are, maybe not so, not so, well that's none of your business.

TONY KUSHNER: But like I think all conservative thought is sort of a product of thought disorder, like a mild thought disorder, an inability to follow an idea or an action through to its actual consequences, or, or it's a morbid obsessional terror and the sourness and viciousness that accompanies such——

[via Brothers Judd]

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