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September 17, 2004

Kerry's House of Ketchup #26

Kerry speaks.

The Killian memos have hogged the spotlight in the blogosphere making this edition of KHoK more challenging. But I'm here for you guys.

First, a look at some numbers. The Pew poll says the race is a dead heat. The Gallup poll says Bush has a healthy lead. Bill Hobbs doesn't think either of them are right. Electoral Vote Predictor is giving Kerry a sound thumping. KHoK's fave, the Iowa Electronic Markets goes along with that showing a Kerry nosedive.

Now, on to the blogosphere:

  • To understand what how a John Kerry foreign policy would operate compare Iraq to Sudan.

  • Bob Dole chides Kerry over MoveOn.org's latest ad.

  • And Kerry wonders why he's been successfully tarred with the "flip-flop" label.

  • John Kerry showed off his economic plan. Captain Ed reports. Expect a different one next week.

  • John Cole asks a question: "What do George Bush, Al Gore, and John McCain all have in common?"

  • Kerry seems to think the election is between him and the Vice President.

  • Mark Noonan analyzes Kerry and his Catholic faith.

  • John Kerry wrote a book. [No, I don't mean that one or that one.] Varifrank reviews The New War.

  • Where's John Edwards? JustOneMinute has a theory.

  • PunchtheBag thinks Kerry is getting back on track.

  • Why people are ripping on Teresa Heinz Kerry's latest curious statement, I don't know. Maybe it's the snooty air surrounding her. I can't rip on her saying something I might have said.

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[Thanks go to the John F. Kerry Media Relations Center for the Sen. Zoop's "voice." Cheap gimmick not endorsed by Glenn Reynolds.]

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