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December 13, 2004

Warming Up to Dean

On global warming Dean Esmay writes,

My own opinion, for whatever it's worth: Lomberg is right on the most important matter: trying to "fix" global warming by spending trillions of dollars would be inhumane and irresponsible. For the costs associated with such questionable nostrums as the Kyoto protocol, we could do far more to provide clean air and water for most of the world's population, and do far more for extinct species preservation and nature conservation. The Earth has been much hotter (and had much higher CO2 levels) in the past, and the notion that we can control the temperature of the Earth the way we control the thermostat in our homes is absurd.

In any case, panic over rising ocean levels and global catastrophes isn't just unfounded in science: it's pseudoscientific hysteria.

I've been skeptical about man-made global warming ever since the theory surfaced. However, even if it does exist there are greater environmental issues to be dealt with--and not necessarily via government. It's about priorities and tradeoffs--something many "intellectuals" don't understand.

And can someone buy Dean a copy of Michael Crichton's new book. Lately, he's been writing about him. I wonder if it's a subliminal message.

"The Nature of Science"

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