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December 20, 2004

Wonkette Wacked

On Rathergate Wonkette doesn't get it. The focus was on the fraudulent National Guard documents because that's what the new part of the story was. For months, even years the MSM was digging around trying to determine if President Bush did or did not fulfill is National Guard service. They couldn't find proof that he didn't, but his paper trail led to some dead ends. Instead of just writing it off as poor handling of paperwork in the 1960s guard they assumed a conspiracy.

Then in the middle of a Presidential election some damning memos miraculously appear. Of course the focus should have been on "evidence" that could swing a Presidential election. Once the memos were found to be fake (with little forensic work needed) the story then became how CBS News let themselves be so easily fooled.

Ana Marie Cox once again demonstrates why I don't bother with her lame weblog.

"Wonkette to Bloggers: F**** You"

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