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December 31, 2004

2004 TAM Weblog Awards

Weblogs came into mainstream consciousness this year. Even before Dan Rather was taken down weblogs were considered to be important enough to play roles in Presidental campaigns and to cover political conventions. Here's my list of those who made 2004 the Year of the Weblog.

  1. Power Line

    Those three took down Dan Rather. Enough said.

  2. Captain's Quarters

    This was a big year for Captain Ed. He reported from the RNC convention, and he covers every level of news with fervor. His passion and relentlessness are a tremendous example to any weblogger.

  3. Althouse

    Ann Althouse is a weblogging newbie, but her insights into politics as well as her local observations make for fascinating reading. It also doesn't hurt that she was a Wisconsin Bush backer.

  4. Political Wire

    Sure Taegan Goddard is a Lefty, but he keeps junkies like me up to date better than no one.

  5. Wizbang

    Kevin et al had turned this weblog into an hourly must-read. You don't know what will be posted. Political news, war commentary, media criticism, disaster news, celebrity porn news, anything goes on Wizbang.

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