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January 02, 2005

Then Shoot 'Em

The CIA and the Pentagon want some White House direction on what to do with many of the terrorist prisoners held at Guantanamo Bay and elsewhere. Ideas include a 200-bed prison at Gitmo to "allow inmates more comfort and freedom than they have now" and a secret CIA prison that was scuddled.

Sen. Richard Lugar (R-IN) is dismissive of the idea of the U.S. holding some prisoners for years or even a lifetime. "It's a bad idea. So we ought to get over it and we ought to have a very careful, constitutional look at this," he yapped on Fox News Sunday.

Releasing enemies of the U.S. is a "bad idea" too. Imagine what the public will scream if one of those released terrorists pull off something worse than Sep. 11. Think I'm uttering hyperbole? Here's what happened when a number of prisoners who were no longer considered national threats were released:

Despite gaining their freedom by signing pledges to renounce violence, at least seven former prisoners of the United States at GuantŠnamo Bay, Cuba, have returned to terrorism, at times with deadly consequences.

At least two are believed to have died in fighting in Afghanistan, and a third was recaptured during a raid on a suspected training camp in Afghanistan, Lt. Cmdr. Flex Plexico, a Pentagon spokesman, said last week. Others are at large.

Additional former detainees have expressed a desire to rejoin the fight, be it against U.N. peacekeepers in Afghanistan, Americans in Iraq or Russian soldiers in Chechnya.

And these were the prisoners the military thought didn't pose a threat anymore. Those still in custody are presumably more dangerous.

The hard truth is there are people in custody who would love to see thousands of Americans dead. Those in custody are the same types of evil thugs beheading foreigners and bombing Iraqis who are working to bring freedom to their country. The Bush administration and the American public now have to face a significant consequence of the Supreme Court ruling that prisoners held by the military have a right to a hearing. Since letting the prisoners go would guarantee future American deaths we have two choices: either we hold the most dangerous terrorists until they die; or we shoot them. (The CIA will just moved them outside the U.S. with a "rendition" and off them.) Human rights activists who seem to care more about the rights of America's enemies than Americans don't like to admit that's the dilemma we face. They worry about government abuses. That's something I'll grant has taken place, is taking place now, and will in the future. However, if it's a terroist being abused instead of an American killed then that's a tragic tradeoff I'm willing to make. It's us or them, and I know what side I'm on.

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