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January 13, 2005

Post-Show Report

Talking about weblogs with Charlie Sykes and my fellow Wisconsin webloggers was fun. As I mentioned in my live posting it's tough being on with a bunch of other people. I had things to say, but I was a little nervous and didn't want to talk over anyone. I also wanted those not in the studio to get their say in.

As Kevin points out, I won the coin toss and got to post from the same computer the weathermen sit at. In a way that might have been a distraction. I know I spaced out at least one time either looking through some of my past posts or from seeing something in the Journal Sentinel sitting right in front of me.

Charlie opened the show to calls but either we were just too interesting or his audience was wondering, "Who are these guys?"

Having an audience of thousands was terrific, but just a great was putting weblog to face. Kevin, Owen, and I hit it off immediately. It shouldn't have been hard since we kind of know how one another ticks by reading each other's weblogs. I can't forget the weblog newbie Patrick at My View of the World and Blog General at BRAINPOST. Unfortunately, it was impossible for me to really connect to them via the phone. Someday we'll all get together in one physical space. You know Lefties will be shaking in their boots at the thought of that.

Here are some points I'm taking away:

  1. Charlie Sykes actually reads his e-mail. I know he occasionally reads an e-mail from a listener on-air, but he and Owen e-mail each other often.
  2. Since Charlie reads his e-mail I should be able to get his attention if I notice something he hasn't. This two-way will only help Charlie's show and potentially boost TAM readership.
  3. If Charlie and us work together we could build a new, passionate, interesting voice in the Badger State. Kevin quipped that our little on-air gathering "feels a lot like the Northern Alliance Radio Network gang." Charlie Sykes is our big-name champion. He can help us get first-time readers. Our responsibility is to give those readers something interesting to consume. This could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship.
  4. And my offer of weblogging services to political candidates still stands.

Below the fold I have some pictures from just after the show.

Charlie Sykes


Owen of Boots & Sabers

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