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January 18, 2005

Mr. Hackbarth Goes to Washington and Needs Your Help

I've been invited to cover the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) next month in Washington, D.C. Following the path the Democrats and Republicans blazed by inviting webloggers to their shindigs, CPAC is giving a select number of webloggers the same credentials as other media. TAM was deemed worthy enough.

Here's where you come in. Going to CPAC won't be cheap. There's the flight and accomidations. Since TAM is a labor of love, a hobby, and not a money-making operation, I'm asking for your help. Along the left column of this weblog is a tip jar button. It's also below.

For those of you who don't use PayPal here's an Amazon button.
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Another option is to buy items from Amazon through TAM. If I write about a book or music I try to make a link to Amazon. There's also an Amazon ad along the left side of the weblog.

Would anyone consider buying a BlogAd? TAM is starting to get some serious attention with the Milwaukee voter fraud story. Plus local radio yapper Charlie Sykes sees local webloggers as a rising force. Covering CPAC should also garner eyeballs. So for anyone interested in promoting their product or website to a Wisconsin or political junkie audience TAM might be perfect.

If you don't want a BlogAd, I'm willing to promote your website or product. Any promotional posts would be disclosed. I have no desire of becoming the next Armstrong Williams.

UPDATE: Robert Cox and Karol of Alarming News will also be at CPAC.

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