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February 03, 2005

Marquette's Pacifist Fantasy World

Marquette University is offended by the word "sniper." That seems to be the jist of the school's delayed statement.

The university had significant reservations about the rhetoric associated with this particular group. In the context of the universityís Jesuit, Catholic mission, we could not allow fundraising in the student union for a group whose rhetoric regarding "snipers" could be widely misinterpreted as having a cavalier attitude toward the taking of a human life. In this case the display of the materials that promote the use of violence without appropriate background information was unacceptable.

Yet they claim they support the U.S. military. What do those officials think the military does? They kill people and destroy things. That's the purpose of a military. Tank gunners fire shells that kill people. Pilots aim smart bombs on targets to kill people. Marines toss grenades into an insurgent-infested hovel to kill people. Snipers need their specialized equipment to kill people. That's the cruel, imperfect world we're stuck in. When you support the troops you support the fact that they kill others to protect our country.

Saddam Hussein wasn't toppled with words of peace. His bloody regime was destroyed by people willing to kill and destroy.

Do these officials recall how this nation was founded? America wasn't created from fruitful dialogue with Britain. Her freedom was won with the blood of patriots. That blood allows Marquette University to have the freedom today to shut down a student organization. Marquette University needs to grow up and accept the world for what it is, not the "fuzzy, mushy pacifism" they wished to see.

"MU Shuts Down 'Adopt a Sniper'"

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