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February 18, 2005

The Star of CPAC

On the first day of CPAC the "star" of the whole conference is the lovely Namrata Singh Gujral.


It helps to be gorgeous, but she's also excited about the power of weblogs. She's not only an actress but is president of American Pride Films Group. The company's goal is to "present a positive image of the United States of America to the world." I will be interviewing Namrata tomorrow. One question I'll ask her is will her company sacrifice good stories to have a pro-America slant? Will these films end up feeling like Family Channel-like pro-America propaganda? Ok, that's two questions. Have any of your own for Namrata? E-mail me or leave a comment.

Robert Cox agrees with me that Namrata is the "hottest looking woman at CPAC." Ann Coulter, eat your heart out!

Namrata was warned that she will be writing her first weblog post tomorrow, and TAM will be the place.

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