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March 02, 2005

Churchill Rally Photo Essay

The prayer vigil/rally/protest was organized at the campus mall. Across the street from the rally was a huge American flag.


About a half hour before the rally started there were only a handful of Churchill defenders. One of the women held a sign that read "I Love Men."


Another Churchillian (to steal Jib's word) had a bullhorn. He moved right up to the rally attendees and spewed Lefty cliches like "No blood for oil!" and "No blood for Halliburton!" These guys need to get some new material. He also carried a sign that read "They* Hate Our Freedom" meaning the "Rightwing."


Check out this gentleman.


He may hate capitalism, but ironically he sports mittens and a headband made via the capitalist system to keep him warm. When you have such a simplistic message on a sign complex thought is far from your mind.

Speaking of capitalism, a local coffee shop took advantage of a crowd in the cold by selling warm drinks.


And what would any protest be without the Socialists?


Surprisingly, I didn't hear any call to "Free Mumia."

The rally attendees were standing proud if occasionally looking strange. One man who garnered a lot of the reporters' attention was clear in his belief.


This woman had similar feeling to Ann Althouse and wished Churchill didn't get all the attention he was getting.


These folks weren't exactly clear as to why they disapproved of Churchill.


This gentleman decided to advocate anarcho-capitalism.


Charlie Sykes spoke.


As did State Rep. Stephen Nass.


And State Rep. Robin Vos.


Let's just say the two didn't inspire anyone. People were hyped up enough.

A voice who's absence spoke volumes was Gov. Jim Doyle's. Not even a condemnation of Churchill's hate has publically left his lips.



and old


both remembered those who died at the hands of evil, Islamists.

And many will never forget the fallen.


UPDATE: The Journal Sentinel lets us know what happened at Churchill's speech. For being an event supposedly devoted to racism toward American Indians Churchill talked a lot about himself.

"Churchill Defends Sept. 11 Essay in Speech at UW-Whitewater"


Charlie Sykes notes the rudeness from Lefty Churchill backers:

When the minister tried to lead the crowd in prayer in memory of the dead -- they continued the shout down, and largely succeeded in drowning out the prayer.


Dean was also at the rally with pics and reaction.


BlogGeneral wonders why Churchill even bothers living in the U.S.

UPDATE II: Ann Althouse finds Churchill "boring." That I completely agree with. I didn't get to see his speech/ego stroking live, but I didn't miss anything. He's merely an angry man with a schtick who's moment of fame is fading. It was most fascinating seeing his defenders act. It was a far-Left fringe--not where approaching mainstream Democrats--that couldn't or wouldn't denounce what he said.

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